WHS students sing about spring

WHS students sing about spring
The Wakonda Junior and Senior High school band and choral spring concert was held April 20 in the new gym, under the direction of Shelly Jensen.

The night started off with the junior high band playing Shenanigans, written by Andrew Balent. They then teamed up with fifth and sixth graders to play the TV version of the Batman Theme, arranged by Mike Story. After that they played the Chesapeake March, written by Quincy Hilliard and Chuck Elledge.

After a stellar performance of the band, the junior high and high school choruses sang Sinner Man, arranged by Rodge Emerson. While the high school chorus relaxed, the seventh and eighth graders sang Seize the Day, from the movie Newsies.

The high school chorus was up to bat next. They sang May the Music Live On, by Russell Robinson. Adrianne Logue and Courtney Nelson sang the descant in this wonderful piece. They also sang Come in from the Firefly Darkness, written by Amy Feldman Bernon. The last song of the night was Standing In the Light Of Love, also written by Robinson. The solo in this song was sung by senior Jessica Peterson.

The high school band paired up with the junior high band to get jazzy with The Automatic Chromatic Lots of Fun Warmin' Up Blues, written by Andy Clark.

The high school band played three very awesome pieces. One was the Royal Air Force March Pass, by Henry Walford and George Dyson. They also played The Masterpiece, the theme song to Masterpiece Theatre, by J.J. Mauret and Paul Parnes. The last song was called Toccata For Band, written by Frank Erickson.

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