4-H Citizenship Washington Focus delegates selected

4-H Citizenship Washington Focus delegates selected

Andy Peterson of Wakonda and Tony Hubert of Vermillion have been selected to participate in the 2006 Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington DC, July 1-9.

The Clay County 4-H members are two of approximately 80 South Dakota 4-H members who will have the opportunity to visit the nation's capital and the National 4-H Center. All delegates will have the opportunity to debate national issues with other 4-H members and leaders from 12 other states. Participants will also be able to visit with South Dakota senators and representatives. County delegates were chosen based on their cumulative 4-H record and personal application. Andy is the son of Nadeen and Chuck Peterson. He is an eight-year member of the Young Producers 4-H Club. Andy is active in the Beef, Swine, Poultry, Crops, Wood Science, Welding Science, Shooting Sports, Citizenship, First Aid, Safety, Home Living and Photography project areas.

Tony, son of Joe and Jeanette Hubert, is a nine-year member of the Coyote Cubs 4-H Club. Tony is active in the Beef, Swine, Electric, Community Service, Citizenship, Hobbies & Collections, Safety and Photography project areas.

The Citizenship Washington Focus trip is co-sponsored by the Clay County 4-H Leaders Association, Clay County Youth Trust Fund and the South Dakota 4-H foundation.







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