BBB warns public about bogus postal job advertising

BBB warns public about bogus postal job advertising
A warning has been issued by the Better Business Bureau that postal jobs offered in South Dakota are not available as advertised.

"Classified help wanted newspaper ads by a private company in area newspapers have promoted postal jobs, but the ads are only a come-on for the company's actual business," said Jim David, BBB branch manager for South Dakota. This company is charging $108 for printed material about how to test for postal jobs � and no postal jobs are provided."

"The Bureau was alerted for the first time about the phony postal job offers when a Sioux Falls area consumer complained to the BBB about the company Educational Services, Inc., located in Nashville, TN," David continued. "The consumer paid the $108, believing a postal job would be offered, but received no postal job, only printed material. The Bureau reported its findings to the BBB office in Nashville where its investigation of similar complaints led to the issuance of a BBB Reliability Report about the company's practices and its failure to produce any evidence of having provided or arranged a postal job for anyone."

The Better Business Bureau has alerted South Dakota newspapers known to have carried the advertising for the phony postal jobs. The papers have advised the bureau that they will not accept future ads from Educational Services, Inc.

The bogus ad said: "Now hiring � postal jobs. $17.50 � $59/hr. Full federalbenefits, paid training/vacation. No experience necessary. Green card ok."

"Don't be misled by such phony postal job ads," David said. "Other companies may be engaging in similar advertising practices. I encourage all consumers to report a questionable business practice and to check out companies by contacting your South Dakota BBB at 605-271-2066 or at"

The Better Business Bureau is an organization supported by its member business firms in South Dakota. The BBB serves the public, at no charge for its services. It promotes ethical business practices and customer satisfaction � a benefit to all of South Dakota's businesses and their customers.

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