Chris Nelson will seek another term

Chris Nelson will seek another term
Secretary of State Chris Nelson is seeking re-election. Nelson is in his first term as South Dakota's secretary of state. The first step in Nelson's re-election bid is securing the state Republican Party's nomination.

"I have greatly enjoyed providing top notch service to the people of South Dakota. As chief election official for the state, I have worked to provide free and fair elections for the voters of South Dakota. I have used my experience to make South Dakota a leader in election reform while maintaining the integrity of our election system," said Nelson.

Nelson's reforms include allowing no-excuse absentee voting, electronic driver license voter registration, and implementing the photo ID requirement at the polls. He has helped South Dakota become fully compliant with the federal Help America Vote Act while many other states struggle to implement the required reforms.

Nelson has improved the document filing system in the office � moving more filings to electronic images � in an effort to pave the road for expanded online access to public information and services.

Nelson spearheaded the conversion of thousands of corporate business filings from microfilm to electronic image � helping the business community by decreasing turn-around time for business-related public document requests.

"I am committed to helping people do business in South Dakota and am proud of the service my office provides the business public," said Nelson.

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