City plans several street repair projects

City plans several street repair projects
The City of Vermillion is planning several road improvements during the summer of 2006.

The improvements include sand sealing, asphalt milling followed by an overlay, and chip sealing work. Project areas and approximate beginning dates are:

Sand seal projects

With these projects, a contractor will apply a mixture of oil and blotter sand to control oxidation from the sun and fill small cracks. Streets will be closed to traffic during construction and sweeping. Parking will not be permitted along affected streets when this work is taking place.

It will take approximately one-half day to apply oil and sand, and one additional day for sweeping up excess sand. Brower is the contractor completing the following streets in 2006, and is estimating that work will be completed in late July or early August.

  • N. Pine Street ��East Clark Street to East Cherry Street
  • S. Pine Street ��Main Street to Lewis Street
  • High Street � West National Street to 680' South of Cherry Street

    Mill & overlay projects

    These projects involve a contractor milling off approximately two inches of asphalt. Affected streets will be closed during the day while asphalt surfaces are removed. Parking will not be permitted along these streets when work is taking place. Streets will be reopened to traffic once their surfaces are milled off.

    After a number of streets have been milled, the contractor will install new asphalt surfacing. These streets will again be closed during the day while new asphalt surfacing is placed. Damaged curb and alley approaches will be replaced as needed. Brower has been awarded this contract and is expected to start in July.

  • W. Dartmouth Street � Franklin Street to Elm Street
  • Bloomingdale Street ��Chestnut Street to Church Street
  • Canby Street � Lewis Street to University Street
  • East Clark Street � parking area from Plum Street to Prentis Avenue
  • East Clark Street � section of the 900 block

    Chip Seal projects

    The Road Guy of Yankton has been awarded the 2006 contract to chip seal the streets listed below. The contractor will apply rapidly curing polymerized asphalt oil covered by quartzite chips over street surfaces to seal small cracks and voids in targeted streets. This covering also reduces the effects of ultraviolet sun rays on street surfaces.

    Parking will not be allowed on these streets on repair days, and these roads will be closed to traffic while work takes place. Each street will require about two hours to complete. Chip seal projects are scheduled to be completed by mid-August.

  • Canby Street ��Linden Avenue to Walker Street
  • Lewis Street ��S. Plum Street to Catalina Avenue
  • Eastgate Drive ��Thomas Street to Catalina Avenue
  • Valley View Drive ��East of Poplar Ave. to Crestview Drive
  • Ridgecrest Drive ��900 and 1000 blocks of Ridgecrest Drive
  • S. Norbeck Street ��Main Street to Crestview Drive
  • Catalina Avenue ��Eastgate Drive to Valley View Drive
  • Walker Street ��Main Street to Canby Street

    Any one interested in receiving email notifications about the Dakota Street reconstruction project is asked to e-mail the city of Vermillion at or call 605-677-7050.

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