Detour changes on Dakota Street reconstruction project

Detour changes on Dakota Street reconstruction project
The detour for east-west traffic at the intersection of Main Street and Dakota Street, which presently goes around Harvard Street, National Street, and Elm Street, will be temporarily extended to Clark Street for four to five days starting early Monday, June 5.

During this time, the Dakota Street-National Street intersection will be impassable, and east-west traffic will instead be rerouted to the Clark Street crossing of Dakota Street.

The contractor will be replacing existing storm sewer pipe at the intersection of National Street and Dakota Street that must be changed due to its inadequate condition. Also, the water main will be extended across the National Street intersection during this time.

Once the storm sewer and water main are installed at the National Street intersection, the temporary detour will revert back to National Street.

In general, the reconstruction of Dakota Street from Main Street to Cherry Street is progressing steadily. Pavement removal is complete on Phase 1 between Main and Clark, where also the new sanitary sewer main has been installed. A second underground crew is shadowing the sewer main crew, installing new sewer services from the sewer main toward the curb. This crew has completed the sewer services installation between Main Street and Cedar Street, and should complete the remaining services between Cedar Street and Clark Street next week.

Additionally, the water main has been installed between Main Street and National Street. The Main and Dakota intersection paving crew has completed construction of the storm sewer inlets, curb and gutter, and a substantial portion of the intersection paving. The remaining intersection pave- ment, concrete joint sawing, joint sealing, and concrete curing should be completed in the next two weeks, weather permitting.

The detour for east-west traffic on Main Street at Dakota Street will continue to go around Harvard Street, National Street, and Elm Street, with the exception of the above-referenced temporary change.

Any one interested in receiving email notifications about the Dakota Street reconstruction project is asked to e-mail the City of Vermillion at or call 605- 677-7050.

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