Imagine Nation to be presented June 10

Imagine Nation to be presented June 10
It's time for another family reunion and Brother, Sister and Little Brother couldn't be more BORED! What is there to do at Grandma's old farm anyway??? Just as they suspected, NOTHING! Until…

Little Brother conjures up a purple-yellow-polka-dotted monster! Is it a monster or is it a creature from the planet Loopiter (12 quacks west of the planet Jupiter)?

Do they come in peace or are they on a secret mission to beam the world's parents up to Loopiter? Imaginations run wild until Little brother meets up with his future ? Hercules of the Imagine Nation! Hercules the Prairie Pirate challenges his young charges to stretch their imaginations and warm up their wits. To imagine is a VERB � an ACTION that must be practiced and whipped into shape!

Imagine… a family reunion turning into a gaggle of Loopitarians.

Imagine… your fears turning into chocolate pudding ice cubes.

Imagine… yourself, turning into the person you've always pictured.

Thanks to tomorrow, today there is always a dream.

Vermillion Community Theatre and the Children's Theatre Company of South Dakota invite everyone to an evening of fun and entertainment when Vermillion's young talent presents Imagine Nation by Sandra Kern Mollman on Saturday, June 10 in the Vermillion High School Theatre. Tickets are available for $5, at the door.

The performance is the culmination of a unique learning experience for 43 children from Vermillion. This special week-long event gives children a chance to learn what it's like to take part in a professionally produced stage musical, from auditions and rehearsals through the final performance. Make plans to attend and take part in the fun!

This residency in Vermillion is made possible by the Vermillion Community Theatre with support provided by BankWest along with funds from the State of South Dakota, through the Department of Tourism and State Development, the National Endowment for the Arts.

For more information, contact George Schlenker at 624-5444.

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