Opportunity at Crawford Wood

To the editor:

I first saw Crawford Wood in the late 1960s while visiting fortunate friends who lived in a new home along the quiet ravine which was filled with birds, butterflies and numerous plant species.

Most of Vermillion's natural areas were gone: the tall grass prairie plowed, wetlands drained and riparian cottonwood forest cut.

Of the major natural features only the bluff and its lovely ravines remained. New residents were eager to build along the bluff and its ravines. However most of the ravines had been bisected by roads.

Today, the ravine containing Crawford Wood is still road free. Aerial photos indicate this is the largest natural tree-filled area in Vermillion. Even though it is frequented by playing children, it is currently rather inaccessible to adults not fortunate enough to be adjoining property owners.

Virginia Johnson's guest commentary (May 19) suggested that the city of Vermillion, a designated "City of Trees," should save the wood for all citizens by building a bike path or nature walkway instead of a road.

This would connect the new Countryside Addition with the wood.

Inhabitants of the subdivision would share the path with the community. The addition would be an even more attractive place to live. Many people would appreciate a wooded bike path and walkway which would provide opportunities for nature appreciation and exercise.

The Vermillion community would be jumping on two good "bandwagons:" the environmental and fitness movements. This would be an opportunity to save a lot of money that could be spent on less divisive and destructive projects.

Jim Heisinger


Hofman deserves voter support

To the editor:

Ray Hofman deserves our support in his bid to be re-elected. I have worked with Ray in a number of different capacities and have found that he is honest, hard working and always interested in doing what is best for the city of Vermillion.

Ray is open minded and exhibits common sense in working through the issues which are before him. Ray has been a true public servant to the people of Vermillion and our city government is stronger because of his involvement.

Roger Baron


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