Lions learn of Amendment E

Lions learn of Amendment E
The June 15 meeting of the Vermillion Lions Club was called to order by President Gloria Christopherson at 6 p.m. at the Silver Dollar Restaurant.

After the opening ceremonies, guests Professor Chris Hutton, Mary Vickrey, Mary Ann Zimmerman, daughter and guest of Lion Howard Connor, Paul Kruger, assistant alumni association director, guest of Lion Tom Stogsdill, and Bob Scott, guest of Lion Ron Thaden, and Robin Blevens were introduced. Robin will be inducted at the July 20 meeting. Robin has been sponsored into membership by Lion Barbara Campbell.

Reports of recent activities by the Lions were given. Lion Maxine Johnson reported on the Welcome Table which the Lions hosted on Monday, June 12 and Ron Thaden reported on the Biker Pancake Breakfast which was hosted on Sunday, June 11 to greet the bikers who were starting the Tour de Kota. The breakfast was served as a fund raiser for the Senior Citizens Center and was held in conjunction with the regular "second Sunday pancakes day" at the center.

Lion Randy Sullivan reported that Lion Darlis LaBahn had injured her wrist and a card was signed by those present. President Gloria reported on a board decision to participate in the Campaign Sight First 2. The board recommended that the project be supported on the basis of 70 members each donating $100. The board also recommended that the project be undertaken on a volunteer basis with members participating at whatever level they wished.

Each $1,000 donated will create a Melvin Jones Fellowship which will be awarded to deserving local Lions. This will be a two-year endeavor. The club moved unanimously to participate in this project.

Lion Ron Thaden reported that the orientation for new members will take place on June 20 at 7 p.m. at the Neuharth Center. Our next group meeting will be held on July 20 at the Eagles and will be the end-of-the year social for members, friends, and families. New officers, board members, and committee members will be installed at this time.

Law professor Chris Hutton, along with Mary Vickrey gave an informational presentation regarding Amendment E which will be voted on by the citizens of South Dakota. They gave the background of the originators of this amendment and the plans to make South Dakota the first state to vote on this bill which addresses judicial accountability and is named the J.A.I.L. bill.

A video was shown addressing concerns. They also stated that the South Dakota Legislature, both Senate and House of Representatives, as well as Gov. Rounds are against this bill.

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