Local citizens stand united on Memorial Day

Local citizens stand united on Memorial Day
Mayor Dan Christopherson admits that, appropriately, every Memorial Day brings back memories.

"For any man or woman who has spent personal time in the military, today is day of personal opportunity to reflect," he said.

Christopherson, who gave the address at Monday's Memorial Day service at the Clay County Veteran's Memorial, says he still vividly recalls the day he left for the induction center, his first military haircut, and his first "mystery meat" military meal.

"Memorial Day in itself inspires memories," he said. "Today sparks memories of those with whom we served. Many are still lifelong friends, but sadly, many left us on the field of battle."

The recalling of memories on Memorial Day, he added, isn't limited exclusively to veterans.

"This day is for loved ones that we cherish as well," Christopherson said. "I bet that we could all think of memories of loved ones that would make this day very personal."

He urged the audience at Monday's ceremonies to remember the sacrifices made by United States military personnel, both in the past and today.

And, he added, we should all try to live our lives to a similar standard of honor.

"We must all have the courage to do our best, and if we fail," Christopherson said, "we must pick ourselves up and try again and do better the second time.

"We must also have the courage to live as a nation under God as our country's founders did over 200 years ago," he added. "We must have the courage to pray for God's strength and ask for his guidance."

Memorial Day, Christopherson said, is a time when everyone in the United States, who at times are divided over countless issues, can stand together, truly united.

"Memorial Day is about all of us coming together to honor those who gave for our country," he said.

Christopherson quoted CBS news commentator Andy Rooney, who notes that over 1 million American service men and women have lost their lives in wars throughout our nation's history.

"Each one of them was loved by someone," Rooney, who lost a dozen of his high school classmates in World War II, said. "My memory of them comes at unexpected times, not just Memorial Day."

There are people on every country of this earth who devise new ways for us to kill each another, Rooney said.

"In the United States alone, we spend seven times more on war than on education," the famed newsman said. "There's something wrong here.

"On this Memorial Day, we should certainly honor those who have died at war," Rooney added, "but on this Memorial Day, we should dedicate this day to a search for a way to end the idiocy of the wars that killed them in the first place."

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