Neuhaus retires from W.H. Over Museum

Neuhaus retires from W.H. Over Museum
The Friends of the W.H. Over Museum (FOM) have accepted the resignation and retirement of Dorothy Neuhaus.

Dorothy's last day of service in the capacity of gift shop manager and curator of collections was June 21. Dorothy and Otto Neuhaus have served the W.H. Over Museum in various capacities for 40 years. Their service and efforts are greatly appreciated. They will be recognized for their service and support at the FOM 40th Anniversary Volunteer Appreciation Gala which is being planned for the last week in July.

The Friends have continued W.H. Over's legacy of preserving South Dakota's natural, historical, and cultural past and will continue to pass it on to the present and future generations.

The W.H. Over Museum Gift Shop has been closed for audit and inventory purposes and to facilitate changes in the inventory and accounting procedures. It is expected to open June 30.

Six new curator positions have been created to enhance the study and utilization of the museum's various collections. Those positions are: curator of art collections, curator of anthropology and archeology, curator of document and photographic materials/ archives, curator of historical collections, curator of cultural collections, curator of natural science collections. The curators will be coordinating preservation, study, and display activities related to their respective collections and assist in the activities of the collections committee.

Parents interested in having their children participate in a one-week summer educational program at the museum should contact the museum office (677-5228) for details. USD anthropology/archeology students will be pilot testing programs they developed for a course taught by Dr. Larry Bradley this past spring.

Sessions are limited to 10 students to facilitate "hands-on" learning activities. Additional sessions may be conducted if demand, instructor availability and scheduling allow.

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