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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Men's League weekly report

The weather was non-typical as the high winds (some gusts at 40 mph) and threatening cloudy skies, the league played their fifth week of competition, using 12 tee boxes on the front nine.

Of the nearly 200 golfers playing during the two rounds, only one member broke par.

The results of the American division shows the best score for Grave Diggers � 17; Serious Six � 15, and Fox Pizza � 14.

Low individual score of 37 went to Clark Lewison who netted a 32. Bill Powell had a net 36 when he carded a 38. Thirty-nines were scored by Gary Prosser, Gary Larson, and Brian Steele, completing the under 40 group.

The division recorded only seven birdies with no one reporting more than one.

The National division's best team score was 19.5 by Americlean; First Bank & Trust � 15.5; and Char Bar � 15.

Nick Hovden was first with two under par 34; Derrick Brown had a 37; Rick Haught was at 38; Mike Billiet and Mike Wickersham each carded a 39.

Ten birdies were recorded with Hovden, Haught, and Brown reporting two each.

W.E.L.L. going to the dogs in the wind

June 14 was yet another indy outing for the women of the Wednesday Evening Ladies League. With the wind out of the southeast and play on the front nine, we played both par 5 holes into the wind. Despite the strong gusts, Nace Huska managed to hold onto her hair while others around her were having theirs blown away. The wind didn�t deter the golfers, however.

Jenny Chandler once again came away with the low gross score of 38. In addition, despite going into the wind she came away with a birdie on #2. Also undeterred by the wind was Lois Hazen who had the low net with a 32 (47-15). In addition, four other women had birdies. Audrey Ticknor birdied #1, Lisa Sorensen and Diane Duin both birdied #5 and Terri Meierkort birdied #8.

Lisa Sorensen, unaided by her teammates, was our hostess for the evening. She placed three pin prizes on the course. These were for closest to the 100 yard marker on #3, won by Jenny Chandler, most balls in the water on #5, won by Jennifer Ranney, and longest putt on #8, won by Nancy Scheidel. It should be noted that Terri Meierkort had a tremendous birdie putt on #8, through the shadow of a dog�s head (more on that later), that put her in the running for the flag prize. Nancy�s putt was longer by only about 18 inches. However, two independent measures, but observed by impartial witnesses, agreed that Nancy�s putt was indeed longer. The Quackson drawing was won by Jenny Chandler.

Part way through their round, the foursome of Terri Meierkort, Peggy Donnelly, Jennifer Steele and Ann Jensen were joined by a dog. The dog, whose name was Lou (found on the tags), joined them for a few holes. Lou cast his shadow on Terri�s birdie putt on #8 and lent it good luck as it went into the hole. (Does that make Lou a �bird dog?�)

The dog stayed with them through hole 9 where he thought Ann was playing fetch with him and went and retrieved her ball after her stroke. By the end of hole 9 the owner, who had been summoned to retrieve his errant pooch, came to take Lou home. Apparently this ended Terri�s streak and sent her game to a different level.

Two weeks ago the question was asked about a golfer being caught playing cards with her soon-to-be husband. That golfer is Julie Heine. Julie and Tim met in high school, both being sophomore servers, and began dating as seniors. They became engaged sometime later and married after college. During that time they were not observed doing anything more risqu� than playing cards by those watching. For this week, what golfer met her husband at a wedding dance, one he didn�t really want to go to?

Last, but not least, our league statistician, Darlis Labahn, broke her left wrist a few days ago (as of this writing). Darlis is out for the season from a golfing perspective. We all hope for a complete recovery and that she will still join us for revelry at the course.

W.E.L.L. women are no longer flightless

June 7 was a beautiful evening for golf. The wind was not overpowering, but just enough to generally keep the bugs at bay. The temperature was mild and the threatening skies did not release any rain to diminish our enthusiasm for the game. As a result, many women had a good round of golf to accompany good times. Karrie Plate returned to competing this week and led the way with the low gross of 36 and two birdies ��one on #11 and one on #18. The low net was a blistering 29 achieved by two golfers, Julie Lewison (52-23) and Kelly Heine (49-20). In addition to Karrie, four other golfers had birdies. Audrey Ticknor had one on #17, Jennifer Steele and Mary Ellen Jensen each birdied #13 while Kelly Heine birdied #15. This was Kelly�s first birdie ever. Congratulations!

Playing the non-league nine (the front), Julia Chaney had her best score ever. It was likely helped along by the sparkling companions she golfed with, their stellar play and the monstrously large new driver she was using. Congratulations to Julia, as well.

Our hosts were the Dew Whoppers, who handed out three pin prizes. Sue French received one for the closest chip on #10. Audrey Ticknor had the longest putt on #17 and Karrie Plate had the closest third shot on #18. The Quackson was won by Ann Stewart, who happens to be a member of the Dew Whoppers. Just so it is clear, Ann had Pat Durkin draw the winning name, so we can be assured there was no collusion here.

Two �rules� were discussed. The question was asked as to whether the flag could be tended if a golfer were putting from off the green. The answer is no. There was also a discussion of how to get relief if the ball lands in the tall grass behind the green on #15. This is not a hazard, so there are some options. The ball can be played as it lies. If that seems not possible, an unplayable lie can be declared and the ball moved two club lengths away, no closer to the hole. Of course, this is likely to still be in the long grass. An unplayable lie can be declared and the ball moved away from the hole to the nearest relief, which, as noted in the discussion, would put one on the bluff in the cemetery. The last option would be to declare an unplayable lie and return the ball to the position from which it was hit originally, taking a one-stroke penalty (and risking hitting the ball back into the grass behind the green).

Two weeks ago, we asked about a golfer whose career began in merchandising with K-Mart. That golfer is Jennifer Steele. Jennifer did not stay with K-Mart long, returning to South Dakota to begin a career in the banking industry. It is unclear to this day whether that defection had anything to do with that merchant�s ultimate downsizing and loss of market share.

Many of the women who play in W.E.L.L. have horses and ride. Which of these golfers has the patience and skill to also teach riding to youngsters, doing so for many years in the 4-H program?

Calendar of events

Tuesday, June 27

Senior Men�s Fun League.

8 a.m. � Registration and coffee.

9 a.m. � Shotgun start.

Wednesday, June 28

Ladies Day.

8 a.m. � Ladies Morning Golf, luncheon and dominoes.

8:30 a.m. � Tee-off.

Noon � Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. � Dominoes.

5 p.m. � Wednesday Evening Ladies League.

5:45 p.m. � Shotgun start.

Thursday, June 29

Men�s Day; regular Men�s League competition.

2:30 p.m. � Registration, please be prompt.

3 p.m. � Shotgun start, first session.

6 p.m. � Shotgun start, second session.

Friday, June 30

8, 9 and 10 a.m. ��Junior golf.

Couples Night.

5 p.m. � Social hour.

6 p.m. � Golf activities.

W.E.L.L. golfers take to Crofton

On June 3, 10 women from W.E.L.L. journeyed to Crofton�s Lakeview Golf Course to compete in a two-woman scramble. For those not having played this course, it is a very interesting, somewhat hilly course with some beautiful views of Lewis and Clark Lake.

The teams from Vermillion made a good showing. The team of Diane Duin and Judy Hanson had the lowest score in the tournament. However, this was tied by another duo, who beat Diane and Judy out for first place in the championship flight on the scorecard. In the first flight (there were only two flights), the team of Darlis Labahn and Lisa Sorensen also came in second. Thus Vermillion placed 40 percent of the teams we entered. All of the women had a great time.

In addition, after the golf, Judy Hanson passed on a �traveling putter.� This is apparently a putter that is taken to tournaments around the country and passed along after they are over. It would be interesting to follow the travels of the club with time.

Morning Golf ladies enjoy desserts

We served 19 at luncheon. Desserts were made by Char Brunick and Anita White.�They really had a great variety.

The $5 drawing was won by June Wagner and the quarters by Thelma Raines, Vaneta Youngworth, Barb Larson, Glennis Stewart and JoAnne Beringer.

We read a thank you from Tammy from the Cherry Street Grille and discussed having a Guest Day on the June 28.

There is no Dominoes report. Results will be in the next report.

Golf report � Played Puttless Score.�There were 10 golfers. First place went to Helen Brown,�second to Glennis Stewart and third went to Mary Lea Hennies.

Men�s League standings


Grave Diggers 69.5

Multiple Putts 68

Here for the Beer 67

Bluffs Boys 64.5

PIK 63

Fox Pizza 63

First Dakota 56

Missing Links 52.5

Serious Six 52.5

Recuerdo�s 51.5

Midwest Homes 42

Sandtrappers 40.5


First Bank & Trust 77

Americlean 68.5

LBA 66.5

Bogey + 58.5

Bank Of The West Ins 58.5

Alkota 58.5

Slumberland 58.5

Eagles. 55.5

Coldwell Banker 54.5

Wells Fargo 53.5

Char Bar 44

Divots 36.5

Senior men golf Bluffs� back nine

The day started with a cloud cover and a threat of rain. The forecast kept calling for sunshine and better weather which was soon evident.

Thirty-two seniors found the back nine at The Bluffs in excellent condition. A two-man team of Harlan Schott and Ross King had the low score of 37. Other prize winners at 38 were Van Pierce, Jim Grabowski and Turk Pilker, then Shorty Hanson, Pat Boyles and Berwyn Svoboda; at 39, Bob Boone, Fr. Don Imming, and Jim Reed; at 40, Ken Beringer, Ted VanBruggen and Vern Holter, then Dave Bak, Jack Stewart, Howard Connors and the team of Bob Sattler, Dick Kellog and Tim O�Connor had a score of 41.

Remember seniors, we are in our summer schedule now and plan to be on the course at 9 a.m. The senior meal will be available when we finish and that is planned for 12:15 p.m.

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