USD to host 2006 South Dakota Youth Congress

USD to host 2006 South Dakota Youth Congress

The University of South Dakota will host the South Dakota Youth Congress on July 26-28, in Vermillion, at the W.O. Farber Center.

The 2006 Youth Congress is sponsored by the Center for Civic Participation and Leadership, Chiesman Center for Democracy, The University of South Dakota, W.O. Farber Center for Civic Leadership, USD's School of Law, the Freedom Forum at the Al Neuharth Center, Kids Voting South Dakota, and the South Dakota Public Policy Institute.

This year's topic is "The Global Community: Youth's Vision for Change." High school student leaders will learn about South Dakota's and America's participation in the global integration of economies and societies. They will be discussing how globalization contributes to poverty reduction, migration of people, changes in the job market and political systems, and what roles and actions the youth of today need to address if globalization is to be a positive force in improving the quality of life for all people.

At the youth congress, student leaders will address how the youth of today can contribute to the development of global goals that provide all nations with safety, health, education, equality and a voice for self-governance and weigh the positive and negative consequences of globalization such as distribution of wealth, health care, education and environmental degradation. The group discussions and deliberations will lead to a list of recommendations for action that the youth and other citizens must address so that globalization is a positive component of public policy and education in South Dakota.







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