Wakonda, Irene receive approval for reorganization

Wakonda, Irene receive approval for reorganization
The Irene and Wakonda School Districts have received approval of their reorganization plan from the Department of Education dated May 12.

The department has found that the plan meets the requirements set forth in SDCL 13-6-41 for school reorganizations. Also having met the requirements set forth in SDCL 13-6-13 and 13-6-18, the Secretary of Education has authorized a special election to be held by both districts to decide the matter of the reorganization.

SDCL 13-6-18 allows the Secretary of Education the power to judge whether a reorganization plan for a proposed district has enough valuation and enrollment to provide an adequate education. Secretary Melmer has decided that is the case for the proposed Irene-Wakonda School District and has established with the school districts a timeline for all the proper notices so that the special election on the reorganization plan can be held on Tuesday, June 27.

To become effective July 1, 2007, the plan requires a simple majority in each district.

The two school districts will be scheduling another set of public meetings to be held in June at each school building. Once again, the reorganization plan will be reviewed and discussed with the public, along with any questions about the plan. The dates of these two meetings will be announced in the near future.

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