Wakonda School Board plans June 14 meeting

Wakonda School Board plans June 14 meeting
The regular Wakonda School Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 14, at 7 p.m. in the school/community library.

After approving the agenda, minutes of the May regular school board meeting, the financial reports, and the bills, the following agenda items will be discussed:

  • Upcoming meetings and special school events.

  • Administrative reports.
  • SDCS reports.
  • The Wakonda and Irene School Districts' Reorganization Plan has been approved and the election date is set for June 27.
  • Approve the Consolidated Grant proposal for Title I, etc., for 2006-007.
  • Approve the five-year Capital Outlay Plan for 2006-07.
  • Equipment needs.
  • Staffing for 2006-07, accept a resignation, accept 2006-07 work agreements and contracts.
  • Set budget hearing for 2006-07.
  • Approve the Wellness Policy.
  • Approve payouts for sick leave, personal leave, and unused vacation time.
  • Declare property surplus.
  • Other miscellaneous items may be added to the agenda.

    The public is invited to attend all school board meetings.

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