Woodard chronicles South Dakota’s fur trade

Woodard chronicles South Dakota's fur trade

A former Vermillion resident, VHS and USD graduate, Professor Aaron R. Woodard, has published a new book about South Dakota history.

Soft Fur and Iron Men � A history of the Fur Trade in South Dakota and the Upper Missouri details the impact of the fur trade on the development of South Dakota. The book uses a wealth of period documents and government reports to chronicle the growth of the fur trade within the borders of South Dakota.

The book describes the exploits of famous mountain men like Jedediah Smith, who had various adventures in South Dakota. The complex relations between American Indians the white traders is also a highlight.

Woodard is a professor of American history/government at Kilian Community College in Sioux Falls. Soft Fur and Iron Men is available from Professor Woodard's publisher at www.e-booktime.com.







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