Benefit barbecue set for Brock Johnson and family

Benefit barbecue set for Brock Johnson and family
Fighting cancer can be a tough battle, especially when you feel like you're battling it all alone.

That's why the Vermillion First United Methodist Church is putting on a benefit barbecue for Brock Johnson and his family, Sunday, July 23 from noon to 2 p.m., and inviting the entire community of Vermillion to join them.

The benefit will be held at the Vermillion First United Methodist Church located at 16 N. Dakota. Because of the construction on Dakota St., please park in the back of the church (west of the church) or on main street. �

Brock and his wife, Angela, have been battling Brock's cancer for over a year now, and one of the toughest areas to deal with is their children, Chantel and Derrick.

"They always want me to get down on the floor and play with them like I used to, but I can't always do that anymore," says Brock, "I mean I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have with them, so I want to get down on that carpet so bad,�but after about 15 minutes on the floor I'm just totally wiped out. Sometimes it takes me a day to recover from 15 minutes of playing with them. And then when I can't play with them, they offer me their bubble gum and say, ?maybe this will get rid of your cancer, Daddy!'�It just breaks my heart!"

That's why Brock wants to take a trip down to Galveston, TX this August.

"I just want to have some time to be with my family, before I get too sick ��just to hang out with them, show them some of the places I remembered as a kid, and just share with each of them how much I love them. I want to create some memories for them. I'm just not sure how much more time I'm going to have," Brock said.

That's why the Vermillion First United Methodist Church decided to put on this benefit barbecue.�They wanted to help Brock's dream come true and when they talked to Brock and Angie about the idea, they were all for it, but they insisted on one thing: that everyone who comes wants to have some fun!

At the barbecue, there will be a free will offering to help pay for the Johnsons' vacation trip to Galveston. This offering will be matched by the Vermillion First United Methodist church, and then matched again by the Modern Woodman's insurance fund.�So for every dollar donated, three more dollars will be given to the vacation!

Along with a barbecue, salads, and desserts, there will be great games for children of all ages, music, karaoke, and much more. We will also be auctioning off all kinds of items to help pay for the trip as well.

The Johnsons want to invite any one in the Vermillion community to come join them, and they want to thank this community for all the support they've been given. Speaking about the community's support, Angela, says, "Without that community support things could really get tough for us, but knowing that there's someone there with us through all this really makes a difference." ��

Come join us, Sunday, July 23 from noon to 2 p.m. at the Vermillion United Methodist Church located at 16 N. Dakota Street.�If you have any questions call the church at 624-2179.�Or if you want to make a donation to the fund, send a check to: The Vermillion UMC,216 N. Dakota St., Vermillion, SD, 57069. Just mention in a note that it's for the Brock Johnson fund.

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