Bob shares bits of wisdom he’s collected

Bob shares bits of wisdom he's collected
According to my trusty dictionary, a proverb is "a short saying expressing a well-known truth or common fact ascertained by experience or observation."

It's not to be confused with the biblical Proverbs, although they have a few adages that fit the definition.

At any rate, I have collected a few national maxims which I'll share with you. Here they are:

Czech proverb: "Choose your wife not at a dance, but in the harvest field."

Scottish proverb: "Don't marry for money; you can borrow it cheaper."

Arabian proverb: "Trust in Allah, but tie your camel."

Irish proverb: "You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was."

Paraguayan Indian proverb: "No one listens to the cry of the poor or the sound of a wooden bell."

Japanese proverb: "Wait patiently and the weather will turn fine."

Bulgarian proverb: "Nature, time and patience are the three greatest physicians."

Slovenian proverb: "Speak the truth, but leave immediately after."

Chinese proverb: "Patience and the mulberry leaf become a silk robe."

French proverb: "You cannot account for your courage if you have never been in danger."

Yiddish proverb: "If a man is destined to drown, he will drown � even in a spoonful of water."

English proverb: "A hedge between keeps friendships green."

And there are lots of American proverbs. Here are a few of them:

"Junk is something you keep and then throw away two weeks before you need it."

"Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet."

"Show me a man who is a good loser and I'll show you a guy who's playing golf with his boss."

"If you don't learn from your mistakes, there's no use making them."

"Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute."

"There is no right way to do a wrong thing."

"The reason history has to repeat itself is because no one listens."

"It's usually the last key on the ring that opens the door."

"The bee that gets the honey doesn't hang around the hive."

"The person who rows the boat generally doesn't have time to rock it."

"Flattery is like gum. Enjoy it, but don't swallow it."

"When you bury the hatchet, don't mark the grave."

"No one is ever too old to learn a new way to do something dumb."

"Work hard and save your money so that when you are old you can buy things only the young can enjoy."

"Don't spend your life running from something that isn't chasing you."

"Experience enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again."

You'll have to excuse me if I close with a biblical Proverb: "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

© 2006 Robert F. Karolevitz

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