Citizens called to help Guatemalans in need

Citizens called to help Guatemalans in need
Diane Nesselhuf, the executive director of Sharing the Dream, knew she didn't need to look far to ask for assistance.

She called her friends and neighbors, asked them to bring their favorite dish, and hosted a potluck at the rural Vermillion home she shares with her husband, Ed.

In the audience were people who, over the past year, have traveled to Guatemala to lend assistance to that country and its people.

The Central American country is known for its tourism industry in spots like its capital, Guatemala City.

But everything from civil unrest to hurricanes and mudslides have left those who live in the country's small villages struggling to meet the basic necessities.

Nesselhuf, who has just returned from one of her many visits to the country, has a long laundry list of projects that need immediate support from local citizens.

Funds are needed for teacher salaries, an elder food project, sewing machines and chairs, a bakery, a senior center and water systems.

To contact Sharing the Dream, e-mail, or write Sharing the Dream, 125 E. Main, Vermillion, SD 57069.

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