Clay County 4-H public presentation contest held

Clay County 4-H public presentation contest held

Seven Clay County 4-H members and one Yankton County 4-H member participated in this years' 4-H Public Presentation Contest held on July 13 at the 4-H Center in Vermillion. In this contest, the youth can choose to present a Demonstration, Illustrated Talk, Public Speaking, or Project "Why."

This year five members presented illustrated talks. In the Senior division, Patrick Morrison received a purple on his talk titled "Global Warming: How YOU Can Make a Difference" and Andrew Jensen also received a purple on his talk about the National 4-H Conference. Three members participated in the Junior division for Illustrated Talks. Taylor Geu received a purple for his photography talk called "Snap!" and Chad Peterson received a blue on his gun safety talk called "Be Safe, Not Sorry." Pearl Gaidelis also received a blue on her goat talk titled "Problems at Kidding Time."

There were two Demonstrations given at this event. Patrick Morrison, Senior division, received a purple on his demonstration called "Bird Flu: How YOU Can Be Prepared." Jana Bye and Morgan Erickson (Yankton County) gave a team demonstration in the Junior division called "C6H12O6: H2O" and they also received a purple.

In the public speaking lot there were also two participants. Andrew Jensen gave a humorous speech titled "As the Herd Mooves" and received a red. Emily Holoch gave a leadership speech called" Cloverbuds become my Clover Buddies" for which she received a purple.







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