District Gov. Wiltz addresses Rotarians

District Gov. Wiltz addresses Rotarians
The Vermillion Rotary Club held its weekly meeting Tuesday, July 25, at the Neuharth Center on the campus of USD. President Roger Kozak opened the meeting and Rotarian Barry Vickrey gave the invocation. President Kozak introduced his guest for the day, Pat Kozak.

President Kozak also introduced the Rotary District Gov. Roger Wiltz and his wife Betsy. They reside in Wagner.

Wiltz brought greetings from the Wagner Rotary Club and presented our club with a banner from the Wagner Club. He talked of meeting with the Rotary International President William Boyd, a native of New Zealand.

He also spoke of a challenge from President Boyd to raise $120 million for the Rotary Foundation to attempt to deal in some way with the needs of literacy, health, hunger and clean water in third world countries. This ties in with the main Rotary goal of world peace. Another goal mentioned by President Boyd is to establish Rotary Clubs in Cuba, China and the Soviet Union.

Gov. Wiltz also expressed his belief that the Rotary Foundation is one of the most charitable organizations in the country. He stated that none of the money raised goes toward administrative expenses. He also mentioned that local clubs could apply for matching funds to finance local projects.

Gov. Wiltz expressed his delight in attending the International Meeting last February and meeting some of the 533 governors elect from dozens of countries. He also related a personal story of meeting a family in Africa who later died of illness. He said he had told the story to other Rotarians which resulted in donations, which allowed wells to be drilled in three African villages.

He also said that much more needs to be done to help deal with the needs of literacy, health and clean water.

Gov. Wiltz then spent time answering questions after which President Kozak presented him with a banner from our club.

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