Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
Thanks for the hospitality

To the city of Vermillion:

Once again on behalf of the Sioux Valley Kennel Club, I thank you for your kind hospitality to our dog show exhibitors and visitors. Our show has been noted for its hospitality and the kindness of the local people, so we thank you for your help and compromises to help our show run smoothly two days each year.

This year we're proud to let you know we've drawn 1,200 dogs with exhibitors from all over the country and Canada as well. We had exhibitors from Anchorage, AK, all the way to New Jersey! What an honor to show them a taste of the Midwest we're known for!

On average, a dog owner will spend $320 in the town of which the show is being held in. In addition, 74 percent of all dog show exhibitors travel with at least one companion. This makes an incredible financial impact on communities and we're thrilled to be able to bring our show to the Vermillion community!

Steph Anderson

Sioux Valley Kennel Club

Some thoughts regarding meetings

To the editor:

The events of the past week lead me to sharing the following thoughts with you.

1. Roger Jeck is self-employed. Unexpected events that take precedence occur � an apartment with a water leak, for example.

2. The glaring need for special meetings to be at night or on weekends. I have no doubt all council members have added stress because of the need to be away from their jobs during the day and even extra stress in needing to repay the time away from their jobs.

3. It is budget time for Vermillion's city government. Perhaps it is time to look at paying elected officials more and creating a system similar to other governments.

In closing, when a council member or anyone unexpectedly misses a meeting, let's hope and pray it is not because of an illness in the family or worse.


Grant A. Sammelson


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