National Night Out is Aug. 1 in Vermillion

National Night Out is Aug. 1 in Vermillion
August 1 is the date set aside for the "23rd Annual National Night Out," an event that all of Vermillion is invited to participate in and share their ideas.

National Night Out was introduced in 1984. This is a special night, to bring communities closer together and to learn how they can help promote awareness of crime and drug prevention. It involves the local police departments getting together with communities to promote a better understanding of what everyone can accomplish together.

This is a time for neighborhoods to band together; stand tall and strong; to meet and share thoughts with your townsfolk to make your streets safe and your homes a safe haven. Get to know your local police department, let them get to know you and become a single force to be reckoned with.

As in the past, there will be a great celebration in Prentis Park, but this year we ask asking the entire community to become involved as possible. Maybe you can have a block party, have a cookout, you can host your own contests, have some small exhibit, it is all up to you, draw your neighbors out for friendship. All members of the community can go from block to block, sharing and caring with one another. Get to really know what your town is capable of achieving.

Also, don't forget to leave your porch light on!

We will have more news and information on this community-strengthening, crime-fighting event as time draws nearer.

The Vermillion Police Department is extending an invitation to all to please contact them with your thoughts and ideas. Call Detective Crystal Brady at 677-7070.

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