School board selects personnel

School board selects personnel
New leadership for the Vermillion School Board was selected at its annual organ- izational meeting, held Monday, July 10.

Nick Merrigan was elected board president and Mark Bottolfson was elected vice president for the upcoming year.

Merrigan and Bottolfson have each served on the Vermillion School Board for nine years.

Tom Craig finished his last meeting on the Vermillion School Board and was recognized for his 10 years of service by receiving the president's gavel and a framed print.

Bottolfson and newly elected member Dave Stammer were administered oaths of office to begin their new three-year terms.

The following board committee appointments were also made: Finance � Chris Girard and Dave Stammer; Personnel � Mark Bottolfson and Michael Granaas, and Curriculum � Nick Merrigan and Mike Granaas.

Vermillion Attorney Jim McCulloch was reappointed school board attorney.

Budget approved

The school board also held its annual budget hearing and approved the budget for the upcoming school year.

Fund totals are: General � $6,971,474; Capital Outlay � $1,138,200; Special Education � $1,194,265; Bond Redemption � $278,870; Pension � $110,800; After School � $77,500; and Food Service � $510,000.

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