State adds Amber Alert to 511 system

State adds Amber Alert to 511 system
The State of South Dakota has another way to alert citizens about child abductions. The information is now available through the Department of Transportation's 511 system.

"In the event of an Amber Alert, information about the abduction is the first thing people will hear when they dial 5-1-1 to get weather or road condition information," said Judy Payne, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

An Amber Alert icon will also appear on, the online version of 511. Clicking on the icon will bring up detailed information about the abduction.

"The ability to use the 511 system to disseminate Amber Alert information is just a logical step in the prevention of child abductions," said Attorney General Larry Long. "The 511 system is a quick and easy way for citizens to get the basic amber alert text in full while keeping the law enforcement channels of communication open for incoming tips."

Adding Amber Alerts to the 511 system was a cooperative effort between the Attorney General's Office, Departments of Transportation and Public Safety, and the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications.

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