The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior Men's Golf League

Thirty-three golfers played the back 9 on July 18.

The winners are Bob Boone, Pat Boyle, and Berwyn Svoboda with a 34, followed by Mo Marcotte, Lloyd Helseth, and Dick Kellogg with a 35. Two teams scored 37. The first was Bob Solomon, Joe Kruse, Fritz Bartels, and Max Andersen. The second was Turk Pilker, Don Baer, and Rex Huska. The team of Shorty Hanson, Dick Burbach, Bob Lund, and Jim Grabowski scored a 38.

The last winning team with a 39 was Harlan Schott, Jack Doyle, and Quentin Oleson. There were six birdies made.

We will golf at 9 a.m. next Tuesday. We would appreciate it if you would be there by 8:30 a.m.

Golf on a hot Bluffs course for W.E.L.L.

We had our first hot (temperature) night of golf so far this season on July 12. With the humidity up and the breezes down, it felt hotter than the thermometer might have made us believe. But the skies were clear and even hot golf is better than many things we end up doing the rest of the week.

Having a red-hot time of it on the course was Kathy Merrigan-Manning. Kathy shot a 1-over-par 37 on the front nine this week. With her handicap of 7, this also gave her the low net for the night, although Pat Goebel, with a 31 (57-26), and Lois Hazen, with a 32 (47-15), gave her a run for the money here. Kathy's great score was aided by her three birdies during the round on #4, #5 and #6. That's right, three in a row. She must have had a taste of what it's like to be Anika Sorenstam! Also having birdies were Jennifer Steele on #8 and Susan Oberle on #5 (with a hugely long putt).

The "pin" prizes given out by our host were drawn off of the score cards after they were turned in (thanks to our trusty statistician Darlis [gimp wrist and all] for figuring the winners). Prizes were awarded for the best poker hand, which went to Pat Durkin with five sixes, the highest full house, won by Judy Hanson with sevens and eights, and the most double bogies, which was achieved by Rhoda Grant with nine (ouch!). In the drawing for the Quackson, Terri Meierkort came up a winner.

As the round progressed, it became apparent that different golfers have different ways of referring to areas along the various holes. One common description was applied to several hills that line either hole #2 or hole #5, describing them as being similar to protrusions that women possess and men generally do not. Thus the comment was made on #2 that several of the balls had landed in the cleavage on the right. This metamorphasizing of the course likely makes the golfers feel more at home with the landscape.

Our Jill-of-all-occupations described two weeks ago is Pat Flanigan. Pat has occupied many niches in the work world, where she applied her skills and off-kilter sense of humor in different venues. The workplaces she was in were never dull while Pat was on the job!

What golfer was told by a pro, when she was interested in taking lessons, that she would need to find a different type of pro to help her out?

Wednesday Morning Ladies Golf

There were 27 ladies served today. Desserts were provided by Babe Hurowitz and Jo Willroth. Great desserts, ladies.

Guests were�Andrea White and Joyce Zimmerman. It's great seeing guests at our luncheon and hopefully golf or dominoes.

A card was sent to Carol Clodfelter. She moved to Sioux City and we sent her our "Thinking of You" and "Miss You" card.�We do have her address. If you wish to have it call Pat Steckelberg 624-8138 or Fritz Lefler. It will be available also at our next luncheon.

The $5 drawing was won by JoAnn Beringer and the quarters by Eileen Turner, Peggy Mollett, Ellie Davis, Barb Larson, Babe Hurowitz, Barb Boone and Mary Bartels.

Golf Report: Played "Bingo, Bango, Bongo."�Results will be in next week.

Dominoes report: There were 17 players. Congratulations to Judy Gregoire for being low for the day (she says for the first time ever at our afternoon games) followed by Barb Larson. Our guest, Andi White, had a very busy afternoon despite the tender care of Mary Lea Hennies and the other domino players.

Rula Hatch and Karine Amundson did their best to get high but was a losing cause. Anyhow, do come back Andi! �Barb Campbell was low for rounds 0-5 with 49; Mary Bartels was low for rounds 5-8 with 45; and Barb Boone outdid everyone with a totatl of 26 for rounds 9-12. Obviously those low rounds meant nothing as far as the highs and lows for the day were concerned.

Thank you Barb Boone and Mary Bartels for getting the information together for this report. Hope to see all my golf and dominoes friends soon.

Pat Steckelberg,


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