USD professor receives lifetime achievement award

USD professor receives lifetime achievement award
Frank Main, chair of the division of counseling and psychology in education at The University of South Dakota, is the recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology. He received the award on Saturday, May 27 in Chicago, IL.

Main was selected for recognition by members of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology and by graduates of the doctoral program at USD, who are also members of the society. USD graduates who were present and instrumental in submitting the nomination were: Dr. Stephen Saiz, associate professor of counseling at Plattsburg State University, Dr. William McHenry, assistant professor at Shippensburg State University, and Dr. Jody Housker, therapist and owner of 31 Stories, a clinical practice in Atlanta, GA.

The award is given annually to someone who has made contributions to the individual psychology of Alfred Adler, a pioneer in psychology in the early 1900s who addressed issues such as; parent education, the influence of birth order, life style, and equality.

�"I was completely taken by surprise and I was uncharacteristically at a total loss for words. This award has been bestowed upon people I admire deeply and it is an unexpected honor to be included among them," said Main. "This award has provided me with the most poignant and touching experience of my career, and I will do my best to live my way into it."

As part of the North American Society conference, a video presentation was prepared of several prominent Adlerians. Main's segment spoke about his experiences relating to Adlerian psychology and members of Adler's family, which took place in 1978 when he studied with Dr. Kurt and Alexandra Adler at the University of Vermont Summer Institute.

A graduate from Idaho State University, Main is the author of several articles and books, including his book, Perfect Parenting and Other Myths, which is considered a significant contribution for young families.

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