Celebrating 102nd birthday

Celebrating 102nd birthday

Alma Nelson, born July 20, 1904 when William McKinley was president and only six months after the Wright Brothers made their first flight, celebrated her 102nd birthday last Sunday at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center. Many people came to wish her well.

Mrs. Nelson, who grew up on a farm near Canton, says she feels just the same as she did when she was young.

�There�s nothing wrong with me, I eat and sleep and enjoy life. What more do we want?�

Mabel Aune of Vermillion said at the party, �She�s the dearest friend I�ve ever had.� And her niece, Jeanne Peterson, whom Alma helped to raise, said �I just want to thank her for all she�s done for me in the last 60 years or so, including the sewing, cooking and cleaning lessons!�







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