Check It Out

Check It Out
New Adult Fiction

In Back to Wando Passo, master storyteller David Payne introduces his readers to Ransom Hill, the lead singer of a legendary-but-now-defunct rock group. After a five-month separation with his wife, Ran travels south from New York City to rejoin her and their two young children in the inherited family estate named Wando Passo. He is determined to save his marriage, his family, and himself.

A National Book Award finalist, author Marie Arana, creates a stunning fiction debut in a new book. Cellophane is a rich, boisterous saga about a remarkable family, a wondrous invention, and a powerful collision between science, magic, and faith.

Once, special Agent Smokey Barrett hunted serial killers for the FBI, until a madman terrorized her family, killed her husband and daughter, and left her face and soul scarred forever. Now a new monster has appeared to challenge Smokey back work and her FBI team in Shadow Man, by Cody McFadyen.

The following selections are for the week of Aug. 7:

BUSINESS: The Must Have Customer, by Robert Gordman; FICTION: Puppet, by Joy Fielding; GOOD NEWS: River Rising, by Athol Hunt; MYSTERY: Falls the Shadow, by William Lashner; NON-FICTION: Ready or Not – Here Life Comes, by Melvin D. Levine; ROMANCE: Hostile Makeover, by Wendy Wax;TEEN: Riley's Fire, by Lee Merrill.

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Needed: Items for the display case located in the library's front entry. We are looking for patrons who are willing to share their collections, hobby items, or seasonal exhibits. Call Joyce Moore for information at 677-7060.

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