Clay County to join 24/7 sobriety program

Clay County to join 24/7 sobriety program

Tami Bern, Clay County state's attorney, and Clay County Sheriff Andy Howe are working with Attorney General Larry Long to expand the 24/7 Sobriety Project to Clay County.�

The program, which was implemented in January 2005, attempts to assure sobriety during the pendency of DWI cases. The pilot program requires offenders to submit twice a day alcohol breath tests as a condition of sentencing or bond. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety is funding the project.�

Long's pilot program is currently being used in Bennett, Brookings, Brown, Hughes, Minnehaha, Mellette, Pennington, Spink, Stanley, Todd, Tripp, Walworth and Yankton counties.�

For additional information regarding this program, contact Howe at 605-677-7100.







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