Heart and Soul Fitness Center will offer 24-hour access

Heart and Soul Fitness Center will offer 24-hour access
Heart and Soul Fitness Center in Vermillion announces plans to offer around-the-clock access to its facilities to meet the demands of its customers.

Beginning Sept. 1, electronic key cards will become available for a small additional fee for those who wish to have the freedom to exercise whenever they wish, night or day. Staffed hours will remain the same; 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. most days, with shorter weekend hours. Video surveillance cameras with off-site monitoring make it a safe option for everyone around the clock.

Located in downtown Vermillion, Heart and Soul opened its doors three years ago in a beautifully restored historic building with a lot of space to grow into. From the beginning, Heart and Soul offered great hours, helpful friendly staff, a full-array of weight training and cardio equipment, training services, and numerous classes in a spacious, sunny, clean environment.

In response to the needs and wishes of its customers and with the help of a dynamic staff, Heart and Soul has added a bonanza of new services, equipment, and amenities, proving once again Heart and Soul is determined to remain Vermillion's premiere fitness center.

In addition to implementing 24-hour access, Heart and Soul now offers tanning, massage, nutritional counseling, and personal training. All memberships include initial fitness planning with weight training instruction, and exercise classes which include kick boxing, step aerobics, cardio sculpting, pilates, and yoga.

Large clean shower rooms with towels, toiletries, and lockers make the gym convenient before work, during lunch time, or after work. Stop in and see Manager Matt Price, or give him a call at 624-6818, for a guided tour and free day pass. More information is available at heartandsoulfitness.com.

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