Hearts of gold provide donation to care center

Hearts of gold provide donation to care center
On May 10, two lovely young ladies entered Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center with their classmates from St. Agnes School to provide the morning entertainment of singing to the residents. But these two had another agenda as well.

Since around Christmas time, Kate Brockevelt and Sophia Taggart had been drawing pictures. The pictures were of hearts and flowers and smiley faces and rainbows and glitter.

Kate and Sophia then sold their pictures to family and friends, grandmas and grandpas. Why would they need to sell their drawings?

To donate any money they could raise to the residents of the care center. And, on May 10, this is exactly what they did.

When asked what they would like the $40.85 to be spent on, they looked at each other and in unison replied, "For food and medicine."

"We can only hope others will be encouraged to care for our elderly and bring joy to each other by being involved in their community. Kate and Sophia are an inspiration to others, that deeds of genuine kindness affect not only those we help but ourselves as well," said Amy Thiesse, the care center's director of nursing.

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