Who made Crawford commitment?

To the editor:

I've heard so much talk about the commitment that Mr. Hertz felt he had received about the Crawford Road construction before he started his housing development. My question is simply: who could have been authorized to make such a promise and commitment to Mr. Hertz on behalf of the city?

Certainly the Planning Commission, the City Council, or its staff couldn't have done so, because they would have known full well that any plans made at any point in time would be subject to change, because of changes in circumstances or a change in judgment by the city's elected officials. Please show me, therefore, in the minutes of the Planning Commission or of the city council, where an authorized commitment by any single person or committee could have been made, which, in any way, could have been construed as binding.

Or, if it is not found in the minutes, I would ask Mr. Hertz to tell me who did promise him the construction of the road?

Of course, plans are very important to a city, for they represent the best thinking at any given time, but they are not, fortunately, written in stone. I'm sure that if any historical study were made of the many plans prepared by the Vermillion governing body and its committees, it would be discovered that many have been altered or scrapped.

Why the changes? Because even the best-made plans are subject, like art and literature, to the test of time. I am, therefore, again wondering what assurance could have been given by anyone to Mr. Hertz without any reasonable caveat or caution.

Mr. Hertz, too, I'm sure, because he seems to be a bright young man, must have realized that the road was not "a done deal" when he started his development.

Whatever the answer to my initial question, I do hope that the discussion dealing with Crawford Woods can focus exclusively on merits and costs of the proposed road versus the merits and costs of the nature preserve and bicycle path.


Wayne S. Knutson


Support tobacco tax increase

To the editor:

I have been following the tobacco tax debate since May when the issue qualified for the November ballot. I wholeheartedly support raising the tax to reduce tobacco's burden on South Dakota.

What voters need to remember is that increasing the cigarette tax will help fund critical health services and education programs, which are currently in jeopardy as a result of the costs of tobacco in the budget. All citizens, not just smokers, pay for these costs. It's time to more evenly distribute this burden among those who are responsible.

Not only will increasing the cigarette tax help to more properly address the burden of tobacco on South Dakota, but it will also reduce tobacco use, which in turn means lower tobacco-caused costs in the future.

Please vote yes on Initiative #2.

Kelly Moore


Support Bjorkman

To the editor:

I write to urge the voters of the First Judicial Circuit to vote for Timothy Bjorkman.

Tim is an outstanding attorney, having tried many cases in state and federal courts successfully in both criminal and civil cases.

Tim represents four small cities in southeastern South Dakota ��Emery, Bridgewater, Canistota and Hurley. He is an assistant city attorney for Freeman and handles litigation and other matters where the city attorney has a conflict.

Tim is active in the South Dakota Bar Association as chairperson of the Civil Pattern Jury Instruction Committee.

He is very active in his church and communities of Canistota where he lives, and Bridgewater, where he has practiced law for 22 years. He is serving on the church board and teaching adult Sunday school classes.

Tim and his lovely wife, Kay, have four sons. The oldest, James, is a 2006 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, now serving as a 2nd Lt. in the U.S. Army. Their second son, John, serves with Charley Battery of the 147th Field Artillery of the S.D. National Guard in Baghdad, Iraq, as a Humvee operator. Sam and Seth are at home.

I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Pardons and Paroles with Tim. He is fair, level headed, bright, impartial, prepared and hard working.

He is an outstanding member of the South Dakota Bar.

The public cannot afford to pass up a young man with Tim's qualifications to serve as Circuit Judge.

Robert D. Hofer

Past president of the South Dakota Bar and 50-year member of the Bar,


Thanks, Vermillion for Freidel support

To the editor:

I'm truly touched by the generosity of this community.

There are so many people to thank for the success of the Mike Freidel benefit breakfast held this past weekend.

Food donations came from Jones' Food (sausage), Hy-Vee (cinnamon rolls) and Wal-Mart (eggs).

We also received great publicity from the Plain Talk, KVHT-FM, WNAX and Chamber Chat. And the dozen teenagers plus 40 Knights members cooking and serving made the event go off without a hitch.

But mostly, to the 350 people who came to lend their support to the family – thank you all for your generosity and let's ALL continue to pray for Mike's complete recovery.

Ron Geis

St. Agnes Knights of Columbus

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