Tanager tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell

Tanager tennis team loses two matches in Mitchell
The Mitchell Kernels girls' tennis team held a triangular meet involving RC Central and Vermillion, on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Second match results: Vermillion – 0, Mitchell – 9.

Singles: Laura Osterloo (M) def. Lindsay Morecraft 10-2; Brooke Cersosimo (M) def. Dru Daniels 10-5; Brittney Pranger (M) def. Shanon Skillman 10-7; Morgan Millar (M) def. Steph Cowman 10-2; Angela Yahne (M) def. Alicia Hesla 10-7; and Angie Lorenzen (M) def. Clare Jones 10-7. Doubles: Osterloo/Cersosimo def. Daniels/Skillman 10-7; Pranger/Yahne def. Cowman/Hesla 10-7; Millar/Lorenzen def. Morecraft/ Jones 10-7.

The first match results gave RC Central – 7, Vermillion – 2.

In the singles: Hallie Sims (RCC) def. Day 7 – 1 (default); Emily Raczynski (C) def. Morecraft 10-2; Abby Salkowski (C) def. Daniels 10-6; Lorena Reichert (C) def. Skillman 10-8; Lydia Franz (C) def. Cowman 10-0; and Hesla (V) def. Kaia Erickson (C) 11-9. .

Doubles: Raczynski/Sims def. Day/Morecraft 10-2; Daniels/Skillman (V) def. Salkowski/Franz 10-6; and Reichert/ Erickson def. Cowman/Hesla 10-4.

"By winning a couple flights we demonstrated part of the team's improvement," said coach Dan Hanson. "Even the losses were competitive compared to last year. With each match all the girls gain confidence showing their improving skills."

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