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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Senior golf fun league

On Tuesday, Aug. 22, 38 golfers played the back nine at The Bluffs. The team of Mo Marcotte, Vern Holter and Guy Button shot a 34. Two teams shot a 36: the first was Bob Boone, Dale Ende and Ray Lynn and the second was Ross King, Lloyd Helseth and Milo Gilbertson.

Two teams also shot a 37: Jerry Johnson, Don Baer and Quentin Oleson were the first team and Jim Stewart, Elmer Mount and Gene Iverson were the second.

Sid Davis, Van Pierce and Dick Burback shot a 38 and so did Harlan Schott, Art Norling and Louie Fostvedt.

Lloyd Helseth sank a 25-foot birdie putt on hole #12 and Elmer Mount sank a 15-foot birdie putt on the same hole. But, Dick Gregory put in a 40-foot putt on #10.

Races tighten up for W.E.L.L.

As we near the end of our "competitive" season the race for the money has tightened up. Only 0.5 points separates the first and second place teams. So, the heat is on in more ways than one.

Keeping the heat up on the course was Jenny Chandler who once again shot the low gross score with a 39. What had Jenny all steamed, however, was the way she got that 39. She had a triple bogie 7 on #14 and par on all the other holes. Also having a hot night was Tammy Baisden who shot the low net score of 28 (50-22).

Three women also had birdies with only one of them being on a par 3 hole. JoAnne Usted birdied #14, Kathy Merrigan-Manning birdied #17 and Michelle Maloney birdied #18.

Our hosts decided to give the rest of us "average" golfers a shot at the pin prizes this week by awarding two out of the three for less than stellar golf, one might say. The third prize, for closest to the pin on #12, was won by Ruby Plate. There was also a pin prize for the highest score on #15 and the shortest drive on #18.

Pat Flanigan won both of these (dubious) honors. Afterward Pat thought about it and decided she could have made a nice round number if she had added one more stroke and had a 15 on #15 (for the math challenged: she had a 14). The Quackson was won by Lynn Merrigan.

We were also reminded about the upcoming tournament we host, being held on Saturday, Aug. 26. That will be tomorrow (based upon when this missive should be published). Finger foods, door prizes and fun are in store for all. Nace Huska, our trusty "organizer for life," reminded all to bring snack foods for the turn. The tournament is once again full and a good time is anticipated by all.

The golfer, who also bowls, and is trying to switch to her left hand is Audrey Ticknor. Audrey, also apparently referred to by some as Queen Loon, has had trouble bowling right handed since hurting her hand. Her team, however, kind of likes her higher handicap (that's in bowling). For this week, which of our golfers got her degree at USD to play around in the water and sand – and makes a living at it.

Calendar of events

Friday, Aug. 25

1 p.m. – VHS boys� golf vs. Bon Homme.

Saturday, Aug. 26

2 p.m. – Four Lady Scramble Tournament.

Tuesday, Aug. 29

Senior Men�s Fun League plays today!

8:30 a.m. – Registration with coffee and donuts.

9 a.m. – Shotgun start.

11 a.m. – Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Wednesday, Aug. 30

8 a.m. – Ladies� Morning Golf, luncheon and cards

activities begin.

8:30 a.m. – Tee-off.

Noon – Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. – Cards.

5 p.m. – Wednesday Evening Ladies� League.

5:45 p.m. – Shotgun start.

Thursday, Aug. 31

2:30 p.m. – Registration for regular men�s league (be prompt).

3 p.m. – Shotgun start, first session.

6 p.m. – Shotgun start, second session.

Men�s League standings


Multiple Putts 165

Bluffs Boys 162

Grave Diggers 161

Recuerdo�s 146.5

Here for the Beer 144.5

PIK 144

Missing Links 134

First Dakota 133.5

Midwest Homes 129

Fox Pizza 127.5

Serious Six 115

Sandtrappers 96


First Bank & Trust 169

Alkota 146.5

Americlean 146

LBA. 144

Bogey + 141

Slumberland 139

Eagles. 135

Bank of the West Ins 133.5

Divots 131.5

Coldwell Banker 130

Wells Fargo 122.5

Char Bar 120

Men�s League weekly report

In anticipation of the League tournament, the 12th week of play had some interesting results as the contest for the top four places in both divisions will be competing in the first round on Aug. 31.

It appears that the final regular team results might determine those places.

Results of the 12th week in the American division had some close scoring as the best score was a 15.5 for Bluffs Boys. First Dakota was at 15, and Multiple Putts and Recuerdo�s tied at 14.5 points.

The standings had another change as Recuerdo�s replaced Here for the Beer, after the day.

Lowest individual score went to Bill Willroth with a one under par 35. Bill Powell and Steve Ward scored 37 each. Tim Christpherson had a 38, but Keith Miskimins, Mark Clark, Dennis Chandler, and Clark Lewison each had a 40.

Twenty birdies were reported for the day. Willroth had three (holes 10, 11, and 15); Christpherson reported two (holes 17 and 18).

The National division�s best team score was a 17.5 by Coldwell Banker. LBA scored 16.5 points, and Bogey + had 15.5. The standings had a little change as LBA replaced Slumberland in the top four from last week.

Nick Hovden played both sessions and had par 36 each round. Derrick Brown was the only golfer at 37. Next lowest score was a 38 by Joe Bjorkman, and Don Harris had a 39.

Seven birdies and an eagle were recorded. Hovden had a birdie on #10 and eagled #15.

Wednesday morning ladies busy at Bluffs

There were 20 ladies at luncheon Aug. 16, and the baked potato (fix your way) was huge and delicious. Thank you Tyler. Desserts were also delicious and made by Lorraine Brunick and Babe Hurowitz.

We have a new member: Carol Bond. She joined us in golf awhile back and decided to stick with us. Welcome!

The $5 drawing was won by Karon Benson and the quarters by Lorraine Brunick, Thelma Raines, Babe Hurowitz, Rula Hatch and Pat Steckelberg.

Dominoes report: There were three tables with 14 players. Congratulations to Rula Hatch; she managed to pull in low score again while Ramona Kellogg was very busy. An unusual bit of playing today as anyone who went out three or more times had the highest scores while the lowest ones never went out but had very low numbers each time. Go figure!!!

Golf report: There were 12 golfers. We played �Puttless� (don�t count the putts just the drives). The day was great for golf! Edith Nelson had 35, Pat Berglund had 37, Karon Benson had 38 and Mary Lea Hennies had 40.

We had a good group of 25 ladies for luncheon on Aug. 9. Please invite ladies to join us and see how much fun we have in our group. We do golf, bridge, dominoes and sometimes work up other card games.

Desserts were provided by: Joanne Beringer and Helen Brown – again, they were delicious.

We had a very special guest Aug. 9 – Meryl Reed. It was especially great in that Meryl came out to golf. I (Pat) got the honor of riding in the same golf cart and remembered things of the past. You did a great job of golfing Meryl and happy 92nd birthday and also happy birthday to Lorraine Brunick (age not disclosed).

The $5 drawing was won by Lynette Spencer. Quarters were won by Lynette Spencer (lucky duck!), Lynne Hatle, Jo Willroth, Thelma Raines and Pat Steckelberg. Mary Bartels� name was drawn but she declined her winnings – she has had her name drawn three plus times in a row. A very gracious lady.

Dominoes report: Babe Hurowitz was low for the day (what a come back for someone who claims she never wins). Gayle Bliss and Judy Gregoire battled it out for the busiest player with Gayle edging out Judy by two. Thelma Raines, Lynne Hatle and Eileen Turner were low for the three rounds. An unexpected visitor arrived to celebrate Lynne Hatle�s anniversary – welcome Captian Morgan, stop by anytime. The rule for our domino games contines to be laugh, laugh, and more laughter.

Golf report: We had a great time again and the weather was great. We played �Low Score on Par 4�s.�

Edith Nelson had 28, Helen Brown 31, Pat Steckelberg 33 and a three ladies tied with 35: Lynne Hatle, MaryLea Hennies and Joanne Beringer. Everyone really put on the pressure on the par fours ? but also cheered each other on. Thanks ladies.

It was great fun and hope that more ladies will consider coming out to The Bluff�s on Wednesday mornings (be there by 8:30 a.m. for golf or 11 a.m. for luncheon.

See you all at the club!

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

August 16, 2006

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Two Putts 60 75 80.00%

2. Mollies Follies 62 80 77.50%

3. Birdie Bound 56 75 74.67%

4. Bertha�s Babes 53 75 70.67%

5. Bluff Babes 49 75 65.33%

6. Tee�d Off 46 75 61.33%

7. Dew Whoppers 36.5 75 48.67%

8. Iron Maidens 36 75 48.00%

9. Whatever 33 75 44.00%

10. Wedgies 31.5 75 42.00%

11. Chixs with Sticks 31 75 41.33%

12. Lucky Shots 30.5 75 40.67%

13. Sand Yappers 30 75 40.00%

14. Drive U Crazy 29 75 38.67%

15. Rough Riders 26 75 34.67%

16. Par-Tee Girls 16.5 75 22.00%

17. Lopez Sisters 14 75 18.67%

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