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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Men's League weekly report

The Bluffs continues to be the site for the Men's League as they played the 11th week using 12 tee boxes on the front nine, on another hot day for golfers. The conditions were favorable for low scoring as a whole slew of under 40s were reported in both divisions.

The results of the American division shows the best score for Midwest Homes� 16; Fox Pizza – 13.5, and Gravediggers – 12.5.

Low individual score of one under par 35 went to Mark Clark who netted a 31. Gary Prosser and Dave Chickering each carded a 36. Tom Durham was at 37, and Steve Ward had a 38. Five others had 39s – Mike Kruse, Jim Brady (net 26), Clark Lewison, Dennis Chandler, and Pat Amundson.

The division recorded 14 birdies, two each by Prosser, Clark, and Chickering.

The National division's best team score was a tie – 16.5 by Char Bar and First Bank & Trust and Bank of the West Ins. – 14.

Again, there was a lot of low scoring in this division. Nick Hovden came in with a 34, and Mike Wettstein was at 35. Mike Majeres, Nick Mayer, and Bob Boone each recorded par 36s. "Coach" Christensen was at 37; followed by Don Harris, and Scott Hansen with 38s; then Don Scheidel and Jeremiah Dibley with a 39 each.

Thirteen birdies were recorded with Hovden having three (holes 2, 6, and 7); Dibley and Majeres recorded two each.

The humidity rises on W.E.L.L.

After (finally) receiving some rain, the humidity was up on the golf course on Aug. 9. With barely any breeze we were hot and sticky. Some of us even lost our heads as one golfer showed up, after changing from her more formal work attire, ready to play. But, oh wait, she forgot her clubs! Needless to say she made it back in time to assist her team.

Also assisting their individual teams were Jenny Chandler, with the low gross of 37, and Mary Gauer who was not far behind her at 38. However, in the net score category, Kelly Saunders set a blistering pace with a 25 (40-15). The closest golfer, who was still shooting below her handicap, was Barb Weyrich, six strokes back at 31 (48-17). Several other golfers shot below their handicap this night, adding to the steam in the atmosphere.

Hole #5 was a good host this evening, yielding three birdies. Mona Bye, Jenny Chandler and Kelly Saunders each birdied this hole. In addition Jenny birdied #2 and Kelly birdied #9. While not achieving any birdies, Pat Flanigan receives an honorable mention for the improvement she made in two weeks of golfing, improving her score by ten strokes between outtings. (We won't talk about splitting the difference this week.)

Pin prizes were, as per usual, out on the course. There was the prize for the longest putt on #2, won by Rhoda Grant. There was one for the closest third shot on #6, won by Jenny Chandler. The third was for the closest to the pin on #8, won by Terri Meierkort. Only one Quackson winner this week – JoAnne Ustad. (Some of you may have noticed that no Quackson winner reported last week. That information was unintentionally forgotten by my trusty statistics gatherer. If the person winning wants to self report, the information will gladly be inserted into next week's missive.)

Which of our golfing associates, who normally runs around town delivering sunshine, will be enrolling a kindergartner this fall, well after her children have left home?

Our highly recruited golfer is Diane Duin. Diane was brought in by the university to build a program in Health Services Administration. She set about doing this and has built a successful major ad graduate degree in the area. Perhaps she did this a bit too well for the university's comfort? Diane has now been recruited to Montana State University to help that school with a similar type of education endeavor. While we wish her luck in this and all future endeavors, it needs to be said that we will sorely miss her presence on Wednesday evenings. Her humor and grace have helped all of us to have enjoyable outtings playing Mollies Follies.

Men's League standings


Multiple Putts 150.5

Grave Diggers 150

Bluffs Boys 146.5

Here for the Beer 134.5

PIK 132

Recuerdo's 132

Missing Links 126.5

Midwest Homes 120.5

Fox Pizza 119.5

First Dakota 118.5

Serious Six 102

Sandtrappers 87.5


First Bank & Trust 160

Alkota 133

Slumberland 132.5

Americlean 132

LBA. 127.5

Bogey + 125.5

Bank of the West Ins 124.5

Divots 122

Eagles. 120

Wells Fargo 117

Coldwell Banker 112.5

Char Bar 112.5

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

August 9, 2006

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Two Putts 55 70 78.57%

2. Birdie Bound 54.5 70 77.86%

3. Mollies Follies 58 75 77.33%

4. Bertha�s Babes 48 70 68.57%

5. Tee�d Off 46 70 65.71%

6. Bluff Babes 44 70 62.86%

7. Iron Maidens 36 70 51.43%

8. Whatever 33 70 47.14%

9. Dew Whoppers 31.5 70 45.00%

10. Lucky Shots 29.5 70 42.14%

11. Drive U Crazy 29 70 41.43%

12. Sand Yappers 29 70 41.43%

13. Wedgies 28 70 40.00%

14. Chixs with Sticks 27 70 38.57%

15. Rough Riders 26 70 37.14%

16. Lopez Sisters 14 75 18.67%

17. Par – Tee Girls 11.5 70 16.43%

Senior golfers turn out Tuesday

Thirty-eight golfers turned out for a nice Tuesday morning, after being rained out on two consecutive Tuesdays. The winning team with a score of 35 was Ross King, Pat Boyle and Dick Burbach.

Two teams scored a 36 and the team of Max Anderson, Van Pierce and Dave Zimmer won on a tie-breaker.

The team of Mo Marcotte, Jerry Johnson and Dan Young scored the other 36. Elmer Mount, Ron Steckelberg, Quentin Oleson and Guy Button shot a 38. A second 38 was shot by Jim Stewart, Cleland Cook and Jim Reed.

Alan Clem, Bob Lund and Art Norling shot a 39. Hats off to Fritz Bartels! He put in a 50-foot chip on #4 and followed with a 40-foot putt on #7.

Hope to see all of you next Tuesday. Please come early.

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