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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
August nights for W.E.L.L.

It was a beautiful night on the golf course. Taking advantage of the night was Karrie Plate who once again had the low gross score with a 37. Indeed, Karrie has had the low gross, or tied for it, every week that she has played on a league night. The low net score of 30 (41-11) was achieved by two golfers: Diane Duin and Susan Oberle.

The hosts for the evening were the Sand Yappers. They helped us give away money with pin prizes. Patl Goebel received one for the longest putt on #12. Jenny Chandler also nabbed one for the longest drive- in or out of- the fairway on #16. Apparently hers was in the "out of" category, left side, in the trees. The third prize was awarded for the person with the least putts.

There was a tie at 15 putts between Lois Hazen and Lynette Wulff. The prize went to Lois on handicap hole #16 where Lois holed out from the fairway for a birdie. Other birdies were obtained by Lynette Wulff on #17, Karrie Plate on #10 and #15 and Jenny Chandler on #15. Pat Durkin was awarded a special prize for the best night with her plaid shorts and saddle shoes.

In the strange but true category is Judy Hanson's golf score for the evening. Judy shot a 50. The amazing part is that 23 of those strokes were putts! What's that they say about play around the green?

The golfer described two weeks ago is Sue French. Sue keeps her hand in the real estate business, helps out the USD Foundation, and is still golfing with her buddy of too many years to count, Julia Chaney. For this week, which multi-sport, "looney" golfer, is trying to teach herself to bowl left handed?

Men�s League weekly report

The 10th week of league play was contested on Aug. 3 with 3 and 6 p.m. shotgun starts using 12 tee boxes on the back nine. The weather conditions were sunny skies and windy, with the scores soaring also, with only a few under 40s recorded.

The results of the 10th week in the American divisions had some lopsided scoring as a couple teams fielded only a 6 p.m. twosome, so the best score was a 20.5 for Multiple Puts. Missing Links"was at 20, and Grave Diggers 17 points. The standings had a real change after the day.

Lowest individual score went to Gary Prosser with a par 36. Marty Sorensen scored 39 (net 32). Those were the only under 40 scores, but Chad Lavin, Randy Uhl, and Dan Brown each had a 41. Thirteen birdies were reported for the day. Prosser, Lavin, and Brown each reported two.

The National division�s best team score was a 17 by Slumberland. Divots scored 16 points, and three teams had 14.5 each. The standings will show very little change from last week.

Joe Bjorkman was the only golfer at 37. Next lowest score was a 39 by Mike Wettstein and Harlan Schott. Scott Hansen and Dave Raabe were at 40; and Greg Baedke with 41.

Six birdies were recorded with one each reported by six golfers.

Men�s League standings


Multiple Putts 139

Grave Diggers 137.5

Bluffs Boys 135

Here for the Beer 123

PIK 120.5

Recuerdo�s 120

Missing Links 115.5

First Dakota 108

Fox Pizza 106

Midwest Homes 104.5

Serious Six 94

Sandtrappers 78


First Bank & Trust 143.5

Slumberland 122.5

Alkota 120

LBA. 118

Americlean 117.5

Eagles. 113.5

Divots 113.5

Bank of the West Ins 111.5

Bogey + 111

Wells Fargo 110.5

Coldwell Banker 103.5

Char Bar 96

Wednesday Morning

Ladies Golf

We had 18 ladies at luncheon and desserts were provided by Rula Hatch and Ann Stewart. They were so good that many of us had one of each.

Thelma Raines won the $5 drawing and the quarters were won by: Darlene Engbrecht, Janet Hoffman, Ellie Davis, Mary Bartels and Barb Larson.

Dominoes report for 08/02/06: Eleven players joined in for a rousing game of dominoes. Mary Bartels was right on as she was low for the day and also low for two rounds with Barb Boone low for the other.

Despite Babe Hurowitz refraining from talking, it did not improve her game. Darlene Engbrecht managed to wipe out each of Babe�s potential moves. Eileen Turner�s high score this week probably will wipe out her game last week.

The report for last week 07/26: With 16 players at three tables, the gods were smiling down on Eileen Turner as she won low round as well as low total score (her first lowest score ever). Other low rounds were played by Gayle Bliss and Mary Bartels. Lynn Hatle�s impending visit to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned impeded her game somewhat – she had the high score edging out Janet Hoffman by two points.

Golf report: We played �Dice� this week. You golf then roll one dice and subtract. We had winners as follows: Edith Nelson ended with 20. There were four ladies tying for second with net score of 27: Pat Steckelberg, Darlene Engbrecht, Mary Lea Hennies, and Susan Lyman. It was great fun and the weather was great.

The meal was wonderful – thank you Cherry Street (Tyler).

Pat Steckelberg


Senior golfers rained out

The senior men�s golf league was rained out on Aug. 8 for the second week in a row. Golf next week is Aug. 15 at 9 a.m. Please be early for the draw.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

August 2, 2006

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Two Putts 53 65 81.54%

2. Birdie Bound 51.5 65 79.23%

3. Mollies Follies 53 70 75.71%

4. Bertha�s Babes 43 65 66.15%

5. Tee�d Off 42 65 64.62%

6. Bluff Babes 44 70 62.86%

7. Iron Maidens 31 65 47.69%

8. Drive U Crazy 29 65 44.62%

9. Sand Yappers 29 65 44.62%

10. Wedgies 28 65 43.08%

11. Whatever 28 65 43.08%

12. Chixs with Sticks 27 65 41.54%

13. Dew Whoppers 26.5 65 40.77%

14. Rough Riders 25 65 38.46%

15. Lucky Shots 24.5 65 37.69%

16. Lopez Sisters 14 70 20.00%

17. Par – Tee Girls 11.5 65 17.69%

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