The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Calendar of events

Sunday, Aug. 6

Club Tournament, second day.

Tuesday, Aug. 8

Senior Men's Fun League plays today!

8:30 a.m. – Registration with coffee and donuts.

9 a.m. – Shotgun start.

11 a.m. – Lunch and prizes (time approximate).

Wednesday, Aug. 9

8 a.m. – Ladies' Morning Golf, luncheon and cardsactivities begin.

8:30 a.m. – Tee-off.

Noon – Lunch/games.

12:30 p.m. – Cards.

5 p.m. – Wednesday Evening Ladies' League.

5:45 p.m. – Shotgun start.

Thursday, Aug. 10

2:30 p.m. – Registration for regular men's league (be prompt).

3 p.m. – Shotgun start, first session.

6 p.m. – Shotgun start, second session.

Friday, Aug.11

5 p.m. – Weekly social and golf. Come out and join in the fun and food.

Saturday, Aug. 12

Fathead Open.

1 p.m. – Shotgun start.

Men's League weekly report

After a two-week hiatus due to state tournaments held at The Bluffs, the Men's League resumed play, continuing the ninth week using 12 tee boxes on the front nine, on a very hot day for golf.

The results of the American division shows the best score for Bluffs Boys – 17.5; Recuerdo's – 16, and Gravediggers – 15.

Low individual score of par 36 went to Don Scheidel who netted a 32. Brian Steele carded a 37 and 39 in two rounds. John Rademacher also was at 39. Matt Moen and Ron Johnson each scored 40.

The division recorded only four birdies, each by individual golfers.

The National division's best team score was 16.5 by Slumberland, followed by Bogey + – 15.5, and Divots – 14. By playing serious golf, and ignoring the high temps, there was a lot of low scoring

in this division.

Alec Johnson, Nick Hovden, and Rick Haught, each recorded par 36s. Don Harris was at 37; followed by Eric Stevens, Scott Munger, and Derrick Brown with 38s; and Tyler Brown with a 39.

Thirteen birdies were recorded with Munger, Tyler Brown, Hovden, and Johnson reporting two each.

Men's League standings


Bluffs Boys 123

Grave Diggers 120.5

Multiple Putts 118.5

Here for the Beer 109.5

Recuerdo's 109

PIK 107.7

Fox Pizza 103.5

First Dakota 98.5

Midwest Homes 94.5

Serious Six 91

Sandtrappers 77

Missing Links 75.5


First Bank & Trust 133.5

LBA 109.5

Americlean 109

Alkota. 105.5

Slumberland 105.5

Bogey +. 105

Bank of the West Ins 103

Eagles 99

Divots 97.5

Wells Fargo 96

Coldwell Banker 90.5

Char Bar 89

Wednesday Morning

Ladies Golf

There were 23 ladies present for luncheon and desserts were provided by Peggy Mollett and Thelma Raines. Delicious as usual.

The $5 drawing was won by Lynne Hatle and the quarters by Rula Hatch, Lynne Hatle, June Wagner, Barb Boone, and Karon Benson.

Dominoes report: Results were not available. We will put them in our next article.

Golf report: We played poker. Pat Berglund (great to have you back Pat) had four of a kind, Pat Steckelberg and Ramona Kellogg both had a straight, Edith Nelson a full house and Carol Bon had three of a kind.

It was a great day and great fun. Catch you all next Wednesday.

Pat Steckelberg


Senior golfers rained out

We got rained out on Aug. 1. We will golf on Tuesday, Aug. 8. Please try to be there early, 9 a.m.

Absentee W.E.L.L. report from Texas

This is your long distance reporter coming to you with the news from Houston, TX. Thanks to Darlis LaBahn for providing the information included (that's sort of my disclaimer in case I get any of it wrong).

Play this week of July 27 was on the front nine. Our hosts, the Rough Riders, gave prizes out for many things. One went to the person with the lowest gross. There was a tie at a one under par 35 between partners Karrie Plate and Jenny Chandler. The prize was given to Karrie for reasons that the hosts would have to explain to ya'll (remember, I'm in Texas). While not receiving a prize for it, Nikki Peters had the best round of her life, shooting a 46 to score the low net of 26 (46-20). Good job!

A second "pin prize" was given for the lowest number of putts. There was again a tie at 16 between Julie Heine and Jenny Chandler. Using the handicap hole as the guide, Jenny was awarded the prize. The third prize was awarded to Lynn Myron for the strangest shot of the night. In this case her club traveled farther than her ball! Apparently there were mitigating circumstances (I heard something about sweat and beer perhaps playing a role).

There were a number of other unusual shots reported. Kate Geise hit her ball against a rake on #9. The teams of Chicks with Sticks and Driver U Crazy had a combined total of 12 putts on #5. Bluffs Babes and Sand Yappers had a tough time on #6, with one of the foursome having a 14 on the hole. The teams of Tee'd Off and Lucky Shots thought it strange that no one on either team lost a ball throughout the round.

There were a number of birdies this night as well. Lisa Sorensen and Nicky Erickson each had a birdie on #2 while Jennifer Steele birdied #6. Karrie Plate and Jenny Chandler each birdied two holes. Both players birdied #6. In addition Karrie birdied #3 and Jenny birdied #5.

The Quackson was split between Audrey Ticknor and Sue Navrat.

The golfer being given strange advice by a pro was Lisa Sorensen. Lisa, as most of you know, is left handed and golfs that way. The pro advised Lisa to find a left-handed pro to giver her lessons as it was apparently tough for this one to help her out. That was a tough assignment. But, undaunted, Lisa keeps swinging away. Now, who was recruited to Vermillion to build a program, and is leaving the same way?

Wednesday Evening Ladies League (WELL) Standings

July 26, 2006

Points Possible % Points

Team Won Points Won

1. Birdie Bound 51.5 60 85.83%

2. Two Putts 48 60 80.00%

3. Mollies Follies 48 65 73.85%

4. Bluff Babes 44 65 67.69%

5. Bertha�s Babes 40 60 66.67%

6. Tee�d Off 37 60 61.67%

7. Iron Maidens 31 60 51.67%

8. Rough Riders 21 60 51.67%

9. Whatever 28 60 46.67%

10. Drive You Crazy 27 60 45.00%

11. Wedgies 27 60 45.00%

12. Chixs with Sticks 25 60 41.67%

13. Dew Whoppers 26.5 65 40.77%

14. Sand Yappers 24 60 40.00%

15. Lucky Shots 19.5 60 32.50%

16. Par – Tee Girls 11.5 60 19.17%

17. Lopez Sisters 11 65 16.92%

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