Vermillion may be part of new statewide book

Vermillion may be part of new statewide book
Vermillion has been invited to be a part of a limited-edition book to be published later this year, according to announcement made today by Gary Wood, publisher of the Vermillion Plain Talk. The book, Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota, will be a collective effort by 20 newspapers across the state featuring stories on 23 communities. Each community will receive a full chapter in the book.

According to Tom Schmitt, a spokesperson for Nonpareil Publishing of Council Bluffs, IA, the publishing firm producing the book, Vermillion was selected for the South Dakota book because it is a community that reflects well the characteristics of life in South Dakota.

Each chapter in Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will feature an historic review of one community, as well as provide readers with information on that community as it is today. Every chapter will also spotlight information on celebrations, fairs, festivals, local landmarks and other aspects that give each community its own individual identity.

The book will be a showcase presentation of what's best about each community and should help bring tourists as well as potential new businesses and job opportunities to the communities featured.

However, for a community to be included in the Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota, the nominated community has to demonstrate support for the book. Each participating newspaper must sell a minimum of 250 copies in advance of the book being published.

"We are not asking for a huge commitment from any community," Schmitt said. "But we must have that minimum level of support to make the book possible."

To ensure that Vermillion makes it into the book, the Plain Talk has named Heather Heimes as the community coordinator for this extremely important project.

"We are pleased and excited that Heather has agreed to help the Plain Talk reach our goal of selling 250 or more copies of the book in advance," said Publisher Gary Wood.

According to Schmitt, many newspapers sell far more than the 250 copies needed to guarantee a community is included in the book. Schmitt added, that since the book is a limited edition, most copies of the book would be sold in advance. Newspapers will have very few copies available for sale after the book is published, but only a limited number.

Schmitt commented that the key to successfully producing a book like Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota is the community's newspaper.

"It is the newspaper that knows the community best. The newspaper records the community's history and tells the ongoing story of the development of the community and the people within it. We at Nonpareil Publishing are very proud to have been able to put this South Dakota newspaper alliance together," Schmitt said.

Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will be a hardbound, full-color presentation, with each community receiving 10 pages in the book. Each community's story will include somewhere between 25 to 35 photos and/or pieces of art.

Communities that have been nominated to be included in Pride In Our Home-towns: Portraits of South Dakota are: Brandon, Brookings, Canton, Chamberlain, Clark, Custer, Dell Rapids, Freeman, Garretson, Harrisburg, Kimball, Lennox, Madison, Miller, Mobridge, Oacoma, Pierre, Platte, Tea, Vermillion, Watertown, Webster and Yankton. Each community's name and a photo from each community will be featured on the book's full-color cover jacket.

Every chapter in this limited-edition book will be a story of pride. Along with dozens of full-color photographs, every story will highlight the attributes that make each community one of South Dakota's favorite hometowns.

Everyone who takes pride in the community they now call home, or refer to as their hometown, will enjoy owning this estimated 240-page, full-color, hardbound book, Schmitt said. But access to Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will be limited. The book will retail for $39.95, but the Plain Talk will be taking advance orders for the book at a $10 discounted price of $29.95 plus tax now through Oct. 6. Readers are encouraged to watch the Plain Talk for more details.

Book orders are now being accepted at the offices of the the Plain Talk, where a copy of a similar book, Portraits of Iowa, is on display. Copies of Portraits of South Dakota, which will make a great Christmas gift for anyone who loves South Dakota, will arrive in the community mid-December, just in time for the holidays.

South Dakota will be the third state feature in a Pride in Our Hometowns book.

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