Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
4-H'er discuss upcoming events

The Jolly Juniors and Juniorettes 4-H Club met on Tuesday, June 6 at the extension building.

Ellen Hanson, club president, called the meeting to order. Brittany Hanson led the Pledge of Allegiance. Emily Holoch led the 4-H pledge. Everyone introduced themselves and the roll call topic was "Where are you going or have gone on vacation this summer?"

Marley Hanson read the secretary's report. Sara Droegemeier made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Sarah Rosacker seconded them. A vote was taken. The motion was carried.

Emily Holoch read the treasurer's report. Several bills were presented. Marley Hanson made a motion to make a donation to the South Dakota 4-H Foundation; Reilly Larsen seconded it. Emily Holoch made a motion to pay Carol Sorensen for the flowers used in the club flowerpot. Marley Hanson seconded it. Ashley Sorensen made a motion to pay Pam Hanson for additional supplies used for the teacher-appreciation bouquets. Sarah Rosacker seconded it. All the motions were voted on and carried.

Emily Holoch handed out fruit rebates to those who sold fruit. Thank yous were given to all who helped assemble the teacher-appreciation bouquets, helped to plant the club flowerpot and weed out the flower bed at the Extension building, and to all who helped sort food at the Food Pantry in May.

Several thank yous were read that the club received for some of the community service work done.

New business: Everyone was encouraged to read the Clay County Guidelines as Marley Hanson was on the "Let's Meet" page.

Discussion also took place about the club receiving a dairy grant that Pam Hanson applied for. June was dairy month, so the club handed out free ice cream cups during the VCT play Damn Yankees' intermission on Saturday, June 24. All club members were encouraged to help out. Ashley Sorensen and Ellen Hanson put together a poster display.

A reminder was given about upcoming events.

Everyone was encouraged to send a letter requesting that a 4-H postage stamp be issued. Blank letters were handed out with where to send the letter to already written on it.

South Dakota State Fair 4-H books were handed out. Discussion took place on the club working a shift at the Tri-State Dog Show.

A reminder was given about the meeting in July and community service projects in July.

Marley Hanson made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Sarah Droegemeier seconded it. A vote was taken; the motion was carried and the meeting was adjourned. Club members stamped cards for the Senior Citizens' Center – Meals on Wheels people. Pre-made cards were handed out for club members to color in and write a message on and then bring back to the July meeting.

Emily Holoch gave a demonstration, "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue." Emily Holoch presented a judging school in the visual arts area.

Emily Holoch also provided patriotic-themed refreshments for the evening. Reporter: Marley Hanson

Rotary Club hosts district governor

Vermillion Rotary met for its regular weekly meeting on Tuesday at noon in its usual venue, the Freedom Forum on the USD Campus. Our meeting was chaired by Roger Kozak, local president, and opened with prayer by Rev. Robert Grossmann.

There were several guests in attendance, including our Rotary District Governor Roger Wirtz, and four senior students from Vermillion High School. Songs were led by Joe Edelen, with Jack Noble accompanying on piano.

Rotarians were reminded that next Monday is our appointment to work the Welcome Table at the Methodist Church. Our program was presented by Philip J. Silvers, a Rotarian from Tucson, AZ, who travels the U.S. helping Rotarians understand the many and varied programs that Rotary funds and carries out both locally and around the world. Because Rotary includes clubs all over the world, we have been able to provide manpower as well as funds to do literally thousands of programs around the globe.

Silvers emphasized that political and national boundaries are simply meaningless when it comes to human needs and many activities. Poverty, disease, illiteracy, and terrorism know no borders and produce tremendous human needs because of the hopelessness they engender in people who suffer from them. Because of Rotary's powerful fund-raising abilities and widespread manpower we are able to attack these problems wherever they are found, indeed in over 200 nations of the world today. Rotary's thousands of programs include several outstanding efforts. While a number of celebrities have gotten involved in eradicating polio from the globe, it is Rotary that has provided the funding and local muscle to carry out "Polio Plus," an effort which has now reached a level of wiping out polio among 99.9 percent of the world's population. Rotary's many exchange programs for business people, students, and scholars, have increased international understanding aimed at alleviating the mistrust and jealousy that often leads to wars.

The "Rotary Foundation," an international fund that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from Rotary members, spends 50 percent of its fund internationally, and returns the other 50 percent to local Rotary Clubs for programs they engage in, which often include more international efforts. A new effort of disaster relief by Rotary grew out of the Tsunami disaster of 2005. Rotary was on the scene of Katrina with precrafted emergency shelter, food and water purification kits within two days after the hurricane. In one of its better moves, FEMA has been studying Rotary's relief efforts to learn how to manage such quick reaction. Rotary is far from perfect as a club or in its efforts to help around the world. Nevertheless it is committed to worthwhile efforts to help others in literally a multitude of ways from medical help to fresh water wells in desert places.

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