Another step

To the editor:

At the last Vermillion city council meeting, copies of five binding offers were given to the city council, mayor and city attorney

These offers have been recorded with the Clay County Recorder of Deeds. They bind five homeowners adjoining Crawford Woods to give the city land for a bike path/nature walk and to put permanent deed restrictions prohibiting building or clear cutting trees on their land in the ravine, if the Crawford Woods Path & Nature Preserve initiative petition, rather than the road initiative, is adopted.

In other words, this places a legal enforcement mechanism on all of the owners if the path and preserve option is adopted.

The city attorney's explanation of the Path & Preserve Initiative for inclusion on the ballot was written before these binding offers were recorded. His explanation includes a statement that there is no method to require landowner performance, which is now no longer true. If Vermillion voters approve the path and preserve, the city will be given the needed land at no cost to the taxpayers.

This is another step in citizens' efforts to promote a low-cost alternative to another expensive road and to give Vermillion something unique, something we can be proud of forever.

Jack and Glennis Stewart


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