Local blood donors needed by Sept. 29

Local blood donors needed by Sept. 29
With the "Heroes Unite, It's About Life" campaign coming closer and closer to arriving at its end at the Siouxland Community Blood Bank, it becomes even more urgent for the community or employee blood drives to recruit as many donors as possible to ensure patients in their area, like Doug Campbell, will have blood and blood products when necessary.

Doug Campbell was injured in a mowing accident and urgently received 200 units of blood and blood products in only 48 hours. Because of thoughtful, heroic blood donors, Doug is still with us today to share his courageous story.

The "Heroes Unite, It's About Life" program helps to save people like Doug and other patients in need. The campaign began May 1 and will run through a fast approaching Sept. 30. Many communities still have the opportunity to hold additional blood drives, and potentially affect their ranking a great deal.

Community support and participation is integral to the success of this program, as blood donors are working hand in hand with fire, rescue and police units in town to save the lives of their friends, families, and neighbors.

The top three communities with the highest percentage of blood donors registering to donate in comparison to the combined size of their fire, police and rescue squads combined will win a sponsored donation towards community fire and rescue equipment. Cash awards for "Heroes Unite, It's About Life" are provided through corporate sponsorship from Cargill Inc., Prestige Collision Repair and McClintock Insurance.

The next opportunity to donate in Vermillion is on Friday, Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Julian Hall.

To be eligible to donate blood individuals must be at least 17 years of age; however there is no upper age limit as long as the donor is in good health. In addition donors need to weigh at least 110 pounds and have not donated whole blood in the past 56 days. And remember, a photo I.D. is required at the time of registration.

For more information about "Heroes Unite, It's About Life", the Siouxland Community Blood Bank or blood drives in your area, call 712-252-4208 or 800-798-4208 or visit their Web site at www.siouxlandbloodbank.org

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