New 4-H Club members give demonstration

New 4-H Club members give demonstration
The Jolly Juniors and Juniorette 4-H Club met on Tuesday, July 11 at the Extension Building. Ellen Hanson, president, called the meeting to order. Sarah Droegemeier led the Pledge of Allegiance. Reilly Larsen led the 4-H pledge. Everyone introduced themselves and the roll call topic was "What is your favorite season?"

Marley Hanson read the secretary report. Sarah Droegemeier made a motion to accept the minutes as read and Ashley Sorensen seconded the motion. Everyone voted and the motion was carried. Pam Hanson, club co-leader, gave an estimated treasurer's report.

Old business: Thank yous were given to Ellen and Marley Hanson, Ashley Sorensen, Carrie Kickland, Brittany Hanson, Madeline Wagner and Sarah Rosacker for helping to sell refreshments during the intermission of the VCT play, Damn Yankees, in June. Thank yous were also given to all who provided cookies/bars that were provided at intermission to the cast and crew members backstage.

Thank yous were given to Ellen Hanson and Ashley Sorensen for making the poster display for the dairy promotion the club did in June. A thank you was also given to Ashley Sorensen, Ellen and Marley Hanson for helping to hand out free ice cream during intermission of the VCT play Saturday, June 24. This was in conjunction with June being National Dairy Month.

Thank yous were given to Pam and Ellen Hanson and Denisha and Carrie Kickland for providing the dessert to the Saint Agnes Classic winner in May and June.

Thank yous were given to Carol and Ashley Sorensen, Connie and Emily Holoch, Lois and Sarah Droegemeier, Julie and Madeline Wagner and Char and Brittany Hanson for helping in the 4-H food stand during the Tri-State Dog Show.

Discussion took place about the Clay County Achievement Days. Dates, times and club assignments during the Clay County Achievements Days were given.

Discussion took place about community service projects in July.

Julie and Madeline Wagner, Char and Brittany Hanson and Susan and Reilly Larsen volunteered to bring the Saint Agnes Classic winner the dessert in July, August and September.

Reilly Larsen made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Marley Hanson seconded the motion. A vote was taken and the motion was carried.

Madeline Wagner gave her first demonstration, "How to Make Playdoh" and Reilly Larsen gave her first demonstration, "Glitter Sand Art."

Refreshments were provided by the club leaders. Smile-maker cards were colored for the Meals on Wheels people.


Marley Hanson

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