Ray Hofman named to standards, training post

Ray Hofman named to standards, training post

Attorney General Larry Long has announced the appointment of Ray A. Hofman, Clay County Veterans Service Officer, to the Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training Commission.

Hofman has been appointed to a two-year term effective August 2006. Hofman replaces Dr. Mark Zeigler, mayor of Sturgis, on the commission.

"Ray Hofman brings 25 years of law enforcement experience to the commission," said Long. "In addition to his many years of law enforcement experience is his lengthy record of community service. Ray will bring a well rounded perspective as the Municipal League's representative to the commission." The commission sets the standard for conduct and training of law enforcement officers and oversees the law enforcement academy curriculum. The commission is also charged with the task of revoking or suspending certifications in the event an officer, telecommunicator, police canine handler, computer voice stress analyzer, or polygraph operator fails to maintain the professional standards set out by the state.

The South Dakota Law Enforcement Standards and Training Commission is a 10- person commission. Seven of the commissioners are appointed by the Attorney General. They represent the South Dakota Highway Patrol, South Dakota Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, the State Bar Association, institutes of higher education, the Municipal League, and County Commissioners. The other three commissioners are the Chief Agent from the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, a regional Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent, and the Attorney General.







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