Schools Walk starts fourth year in S.D.

Schools Walk starts fourth year in S.D.
The South Dakota Schools Walk program is beginning its fourth year with a new healthy challenge. Schools Walk is sponsored by the Coordinated School Health Program in the Departments of Health and Education to fight against childhood obesity.�

This year, the Healthy South Dakota Program is expanding to also offer the�South Dakota Schools Walk Healthy Challenge as one way to increase the physical activity and improve the health of youth and have fun at the same time. This is a special challenge for teachers and leaders of youth organizations.

The adult "captain" will enter total steps for the entire class. Groups that participate in this challenge will receive an opportunity to win a random drawing at the end of the challenge.�To register for both South Dakota Schools Walk K-6 and the South Dakota Schools Walk Healthy Challenge visit

"By taking part in the South Dakota Schools Walk program, schools and other youth organizations can help create healthier and�more physically active South Dakota communities," said Dr. Gail Gray, Health and Medical Services Director for the Department of Health.

South Dakota Schools Walk motivates young people to increase their level of physical activity�by encouraging walking as a way to fit physical activity into�students' daily routines, specifically in grades K-6.�This however, does not exclude kids of all ages.�It simply means that these children will be eligible to receive incentives from the program for their walking achievements.�

Schools, youth organizations and faith based organizations can register online for the SD Schools Walk Healthy Challenge at www.healthysd .gov.�

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