State Fair sales tax revenues down for 2006

State Fair sales tax revenues down for 2006
A shorter schedule for the South Dakota State Fair diminished even more by rain meant fewer tax revenues for state and local coffers this year, according to the South Dakota Department of Revenue and Regulation.

The latest figures available show the 2006 event raised $52,392.95 in total tax revenues, down from the previous year when tax revenues reached $66,696.95. Of the $52,392.95 collected this year, $28,121.55 was state sales tax, $14,239.44 was municipal sales tax, $2,990.74 was municipal gross receipts tax, and $7,041.22 was state tourism tax.

Gross sales for the 2006 South Dakota State Fair totaled $711,972.18, down from 2005 gross sales of $897,856.93. Part of the reason for the decrease was that the 2006 event had a scheduled run of five days, down from a nine-day fair held in previous years.

Heavy rain on Friday of fair week caused outdoor vendors to close as well as forced the cancellation of the grandstand show that day, which also contributed to fewer sales and less tax revenue.

Despite the weather and shorter schedule, many fair vendors appeared to be happy with the move to a five-day fair.

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