Statewide book effort receiving local support

Statewide book effort receiving local support
The idea of including Vermillion in the new statewide Iowa book, Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota, has drawn support from several key community leaders, all of whom are encouraging friends and neighbors to order one or more advance copies of the book. The Vermillion Plain Talk must sell a minimum of 250 advance copies to ensure Vermillion's inclusion in the book.

Lisa Ketcham, executive director of the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce & Development Company, is excited about the exposure that inclusion in the book will bring our community.

"It is a great opportunity for our community to be nominated for inclusion in the Portraits of South Dakota book. It is a great gift idea, an excellent way to help market all that we have to offer, and a beautifully documented keepsake for those of us who already realize Vermillion's treasures,"' Ketcham said.

"Opportunities like this do not come along every day. I would encourage all of us to take advantage of it and make our advance order commitments now to ensure that this project can become a reality for our community," she said.

Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will be a collective effort by 20 newspapers across the state featuring 23 communities.

Vermillion's inclusion in the book is being made possible through the Plain Talk's participation in the statewide newspaper undertaking.

Each chapter in Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will feature an historic review of one community, as well as provide readers with information on that community as it is today. Every chapter will also spotlight information on celebrations, fairs, festivals, local landmarks and other aspects that give each community its own individual identity.

However, for a community to be included in the Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota, the community has to demonstrate support for the book. As with all participating newspapers, the Plain Talk must sell, in advance of the book being published, a minimum of 250 copies.

Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will be a hardbound, full-color presentation with each community receiving 10 pages in the book. Each community's story will include somewhere between 25 and 35 photos and/or pieces of art.

Every chapter in this limited-edition book will be a story of community pride, recapping the community's past accomplishments as well as their dreams and goals for the future. Along with dozens of full-color photographs, every story will highlight the attributes that make each community one of South Dakota's favorite hometowns. The book will be a showcase presentation of what's best about each community and should help bring tourists as well as potential new businesses and job opportunities to the communities featured.

Everyone who takes pride in the community they now call home, or refer to as their hometown, will enjoy owning a copy of this 240-page, full-color, hardbound book. But access to Pride In Our Hometowns: Portraits of South Dakota will be limited. The book will retail for $39.95, but the Plain Talk will be taking advance orders for the book at a $10 discounted price of $29.95 plus tax now through June 30.

Orders are being accepted now at the offices of the Plain Talk where a copy of last year's book is on display.

Books will arrive in the community mid-December, just in time for the holidays.

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