Tanager girls’ tennis team has first win at Yankton Triangular

Tanager girls' tennis team has first win at Yankton Triangular
On Thursday, Sept. 7, the Tanager girls' tennis team was entertained by Todd County and Yankton at the Summit Center courts where they scored their first win after 20 straight losses, including the 2005 season.

Todd County was the 7-2 victim. Singles results: Liz Day (V) def Timmi Guablande, 10-5; Mirah Emery (TC) def Lindsay Morcraft, 4-1 (default); Dru Daniels (V) def Starmie Jackson, 10-1; Shannon Skillman (V) def Thea Laurency, 10-3; Steph Cowman (V) def Amanda Jackson, 10-4; & Alicia Hesla (V) def Hoyua Gasdie, 10-5.

Doubles: Daniels/Stillman def Guablande/S Jackson, 10-3; Emery /Laurency def Cowman/Hesla, 10-3; Day/Claire Jones (V) def A. Jackson/Gasdie, 10-2.

In the Yankton match, playing with a realigned roster due to an injury, the outcome could be expected. Team score: Yankton – 8, Vermillion ��1.

Here are the varsity results: Singles: Steph Rockne (Y) def Liz Day, 10-01; Bridget Henderson (Y) def Dru Daniels, 10-5; Gabbie Kachena (Y) def Shannon Skillman, 10-5; Vanessa Rockne (Y) def Steph Cowman, 10-1; Jaclyn Matheson (Y) def Alicia Hesla, 10-5; and Claire Jones (V) def Marie Holtzman, 11-9.

Doubles: Rockne/Rockne def Daniels/Skillman, 10-1; Henderson/Kachina def Hesla/Cowman, 10-2; and Matheson/Holtzman def Amanda Day/Jones, 10-2.

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