The Bluffs Bulletin Board

The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Season has been fun at The Bluffs

Our last golf, dominoes and luncheon was Sept. 27. It has been so fun and the ladies are all great!! Hope to see you all and many more next season. Watch for our ad in the spring (usually in early May).

We had 17 ladies at luncheon Sept. 20. With a great luncheon of "baked potato – your way" – one of everyone's favorites. Desserts were provided by Barb Larson, Rula Hatch and Pat Steckelberg. Great treats.

Ann Stewart won our $5 drawing and the quarters were won by Karine Amundson, Darlene Engbrecht, Pat Pratt and Pat Steckelberg.

We discussed what to do with some of our dues. We did decide to give a free membership to a junior girl and boy. This would be for them to use to practice before their Junior League, etc., starts. The winners will be announced later. This is not the only donation we plan to make.

Dominoes report: The low scorer was Janet Hoff with 227 and Darlene Engbrecht had the high of 665. Wow!! This must have been a really challenging group.

Golf report: There were only five ladies who dared the weather. It was quite nice golfing as it was not hot, cold or too windy. We each put in a $1 and played regular golf but the best, second best and third best got to have dollar prizes. Mary Lea Hennies golfed 62 and won $2, Glennis Stewart scored 66 and won $2, and Pat Steckelberg scored 67 and won $1. It was fun and we were not pressured (except worrying about missing luncheon) as there were not very many on the course.

Pat Steckelberg


Senior men enjoy golf game

Thirty-five golfers turned out for a nice Tuesday morning of golf on Sept. 26. The winning team of Mo Marcotte, Rex Huska and Guy Button shot a 35. Elmer Mount, Van Pierce, TimO'Connor and Jack Stewart came in second with a 36.

Three teams shot 37. Coming in third was the team of Max Anderson, Gene Iverson and Maurice Erickson. The fourth-place team was Rich Morse, Milo Gilbertson and Jim Grabowski, and fifth place went to Bob Boone, Vern Holter and Jack Doyle. Coming in sixth on a tiebreaker was the team of Ken Beringer, Lloyd Helseth and Cleland Cook.

The seventh-place team of Harlan Schott, Berwyn Svoboda and Dave Zimmer also shot a 38.

There were a couple of great birdie puts. Jack Stewart put one in from 60 feet on #11. Vern Holter had a 19-footer on the same hole.

Starting in October, registration and lunch is at noon and golf will start at 1 p.m.

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