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The Bluffs Bulletin Board
Change made in league scores

The results of last week's men's league play require a clarification. Bluff Boys had to invoke a two-stroke penalty, and lost to LBA 12-11.

In the semifinal round, Gravediggers defeated Bogey + and First Bank and Trust defeated LBA. The final round played Thursday, Sept. 14.

Pleasant day at The Bluffs

Thirty-one golfers had a pleasant day of golf on Tuesday, Sept. 12. The winning team of Ross King, Vern Holter and and Ray Lynn shot a 36. The second place team of Turk Pilker, Don Baer and Gene Iverson shot a 38. Two teams tied at 40.

The team of Bob Solomon, Van Pierce and Dick Kellogg finished in third place on a tiebreaker over the team of Shorty Hanson, Berwyn Svoboda and Louie Fostvedt. Alan Clem, Lloyd Helseth and Guy Button came in fifth on a tiebreaker over the team of Mo Marcotte, Quentin Olson and Jim Reed with each team shooting a 41.

Teammates Ross King and Vern Holter had two excellent putts. Ross had a 50 footer on #15 followed by Vern's 30 footer on #16. Ken Beringer found a "nice way" of getting the ball to the middle of the fairway by bouncing it off of a tree.

Come to The Bluffs for senior golf next week. Registration is 5 a.m. and shotgun start is 9 a.m.

W.E.L.L. ends with Derby Night

For our last "official" outing of this golfing season (now there's a sad statement) 20 women golfed in the derby. Teams were formed by our handy-dandy statistician, Darlis LaBahn, pairing high handicap players with low handicap players.

Thus the teams were (alphabetically and with the low handicap player listed first in each pair): Mona Bye and Julia Chaney, Mary Gauer and Pat Flanigan, Nace Huska and Lisa Sorensen, Mary Ellen Jensen and Pat Durkin, Kathy Merrigan-Manning and Leigh Washburn, Ruby Plate and Robin Miskimins, Jennifer Steele and Marlys Boschee, Ann Stewart and Ann Jensen, Audrey Ticknor and Lynnette Wulff, and Jane Uhl and Barb Weyrich.

The format for play was essentially couples golf. Everyone teed off and, after the "best" drive was chosen, the pairs played alternate shot into the cup. Five teams were sent out to a hole to begin. One group started on #1 while the second group started on #6.

The team with the highest score on each hole was dropped out of the competition and remained to heckle, cheer, jeer (drink) and make merry the remainder of the way. In the event of a tie for last place on a hole, the teams that were remaining chose a spot for a chip-off. Each member of the tied teams chipped from that spot with the team whose golfer came closest to the pin on the chip remaining in the competition.

The team that emerged on top from the group starting on hole #1 was that of Mona Bye and Julia Chaney. They met the team that survived the group starting on #6, Mary Ellen Jensen and Pat Durkin, on hole #1 to play for the title. Following along was a group of cheering, laughing, harassing, no longer playing women to assist the teams in their quest.

When the smoke cleared the team of Mona and Julia stood together at the top, defeating Mary Ellen and Pat by one stroke. All four were awarded Bluffs certificates as a reward.

This is the last report for this season as well. There is one remaining unidentified golfer from the last column two weeks ago. Lois Hazen worked part time in the medical school in Vermillion and commuted to Mitchell for class three days a week while receiving her training in massage therapy. She then opened Massage for Health and began a long and continuing career easing the strains of others.

Have a good off season.

Wednesday morning ladies enjoy season

We had 19 ladies at the luncheon Sept. 6 with Lois Seibel as a guest.

The dessert was provided by Vaneta Youngworth and Mary Bartels. We had ice cream and wafers which was great as the golfers were just a bit warm.

The $5 drawing was won by Janet Hoff and the quarters winners: Vaneta Youngworth, Pat Steckelberg, Rula Hatch and Lorraine Brunick.

The "Taste of Vermillion Event" at the Vermillion High School on Sept. 6 was announced. This is the kick off for United Way.

The tickets for the Joleene Bos raffle are still on sale.

Golfers played Bingo, Bango, Bongo. There were eight players for two groups and Mary Lea Hennies was first with 10 for points and Joanne Beringer was second with eight. As usual golf is very fun.

We did not have the dominoes or bridge report results as yet – will provide them with next week's reports.

Thanks, ladies, for coming out and hope to see more before our season is over.

Pat Steckelberg


Men's tourney flights and first round scores

Below are the men's club handicap tournament assignments at The Bluffs, with first round scores:

Championship (18 holes)

Rick Haught – 71

Bill Willroth – 74

Greg Baedke – 75

Tim Christopherson – 75

Bill Powell – 76

Gary Prosser – 76

Brian Steele – 76

Mike Wetstein – 76

Don Harris – 84

Bob Boone – WD

The remaining flights were played on the front nine.

Flight #1

Jay Hennies – 38

Alec Johnson � 39

Bob Bowker � 42

Dave Boots � 44

Joe Villalobos – 45

Flight #2

Harland Schott – 39

Arty Soresen – 40

Matt Carda – 40

Dave Raabe – 40

Brian Augustine – 42

Ron Johnson � 42

Ellis Jensen � 42

Denny Johnson – 45

Steve Donnelly – 46

Mark Tipton – 47

Harland Durkin – 47

David Carr – 50

Flight #3

Doug Robinson – 45

Michael Allen – 46

Brent Yager – 46

Denny Duin – 48

Floyd Bochee – 51

Lyle Weyrich – 53

Flight #4

Chad Holden – 44

Randy Sibson – 45

Mike Card – 46

Rod Teimen – 47

Rex Huska – 50

Jim Brady – 53

Kurt Kuiper – 57

Flight #5

Quinny Larson – 49

Randy Jarvis – 50

Steve Bucklin – 52

Rich Job – 52

Max Andersen – 53

Paul Preister – 61

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